How long has FM perfumes been around?

How long has FM perfumes been around?

It was first established in 2004 and is now represented in Europe, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. FM work in partnership with From Fragrances, one of the top fragrance suppliers in the world, serving leading brands such as Chanel, Escada and more.

Do FM perfumes sell in China?

FM does not sell products to China. If you would like a copy of FM’s official statement, please get in touch.

Are FM perfumes fake?

FM does not sell fakes, copies of imitation fragrances. You will never see another logo on our products. Only the FM logo, we dont pretend to be anything or anyone else. The packaging belong to FM, the ingredients are FM, the models and image campaign are all FM, and the names of our perfumes are FM numbers.

Is Federico Mahora a pyramid scheme?

Yes it’s an MLM but unlike many others the money is made through the selling process.

Are FM products natural?

All FM GROUP perfumes are organically produced and are toxin-free. Drom_fragrancesDrom Fragrances seeks to expand and intensify the experience of fragrance in forward-looking projects.

Why choose Federico Mahora and FM cosmetics?

Federico Mahora and FM Cosmetics offers a great range of perfume and cosmetics, and a great business opportunity for all Home – Federico Mahora Perfume – FM Cosmetics & Perfume

Who is Federico Mahora?

FM Group Federico Mahora perfumes and fragances for women are exclusive, high quality and made up with the finest ingredients. Body Care The Federico Mahora range of cosmetics was created on the basis of mineral components enriched with organic extracts, and oils. Hello Honey

How do I order Federico Mahora perfume?

Take a look through the Federico Mahora Perfume product range online then send your Wish List to arrange payment and delivery of your chosen products. Here you will find all our products as well as fragrances from our Federico Mahora range, including the Classic Collection,

What is Federico Mahora aloe vera collection?

Aloe Vera The Federico Mahora Aloe Vera Collection consists of high quality cosmetics with delicate formulas, created on the basis of certified aloe. Men’s Fragrances FM Group Federico Mahora Fragrances and Aftershaves for Men are exclusive, high quality and made up with the finest ingredients. Aurile Tea & Coffee

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