How many 3 point contests did Craig Hodges win?

How many 3 point contests did Craig Hodges win?

Kapono remains the last person to win back-to-back contests. (1991) Craig Hodges makes an NBA record 19 straight threes during the 3 Point Contest!

What did Craig Hodges do that resulted in his career ending?

Hodges has said his NBA career ended early because of his criticism of Jordan about not speaking up on social justice causes. The sweet-shooting guard went unsigned after the 1992 season at age 31 before spending the rest of his career overseas.

What did Craig Hodges try to organize during the 1991 NBA Finals?

Hodges, who said he was proud of what the “young brothers” had done, tried to prompt a similar move nearly 30 years ago. Hodges’ plan was to boycott game one of the 1991 NBA Championship game between his Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Why did Craig Hodges leave the NBA?

By his own account, it wasn’t due to injuries or his shooting skills diminishing, although when the Bulls released him after the 1991-92 season, general manager Jerry Krause told him it was because they wanted to get younger players. Hodges says his career ended because of his activism and politics.

What did Larry Bird say before 3-point contest?

34 years ago today, LARRY BIRD walked into the All-Star locker room & said: “Who’s coming in second?” He backed up his trash-talking by winning his 3rd straight championship & putting his hand up before the last shot went in…with his warm-up jacket still on!

Was Craig Hodges blackballed from the NBA?

After failing to find work in the NBA, Craig Hodges played overseas and also spent time in the CBA. He eventually filed a $40 million lawsuit against the NBA, claiming he was blackballed from the league due to his politics.

Who protested magic Johnson?

This year marks 30 years since Johnson, the Los Angeles Lakers’ star point guard, announced that he had contracted HIV. Leave it to Rodman, the Detroit Pistons’ eccentric big man, to stand apart from the horrified and concerned crowd.

Who protested against Magic Johnson?

What did Craig Hodges want Jordan to do?

With the Bulls set to face the Lakers on an international stage, Hodges said he approached Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson about skipping the game to address the lack of Black ownership and coaches in a predominately African-American league.

Why did Craig Hodges get blackballed?

In 1996, Hodges filed a $40 million lawsuit against the NBA and its then 29 teams, claiming they blackballed him for his association with Louis Farrakhan and criticism of “African-American professional athletes who failed to use their considerable wealth and influence to assist the poor and disenfranchised.” After he …

What did Craig Hodges letter say?

Wearing a dashiki during the visit, his letter asked the president to address the concerns of poor and black communities. Shortly after this visit to the White House as a champion, Hodges was blacklisted. “The choice that I made was: I wanted to be on the right side of history.

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