How many acres is Wymondham College?

How many acres is Wymondham College?

83 acre
I am driven by always doing what is right for the young people in my care and would be delighted to show you around our wonderful 83 acre campus.

Is Wymondham College a good school?

Wymondham College is a state day and boarding school in Norfolk for students aged 11-18 years with boarding fees of just over £12,000 a year. Rated Outstanding by Ofsted in its most recent inspection in 2007, Wymondham is a high achieving state secondary school for GCSEs and A Levels.

Is Wymondham College free?

High quality education with first class facilities, free for day students, with low boarding fees. With over 400 full and part time staff, many of whom live on site, Wymondham College is a busy, dynamic and fascinating place to be.

What does floreat Sapientia mean?

Let Wisdom Flourish
Floreat Sapientia. (Let Wisdom Flourish)

Is wymondham a nice place to live?

The historic market town of Wymondham has been named one of the best places to live in Britain by the Sunday Times. Judges said a range of factors were considered, including jobs, schools and broadband speed to culture, community spirit and local shops.

How many students are at Wymondham College?

1,262Wymondham College / Number of students

What type of school is Wymondham College?

Boarding school
AcademyFoundation school
Wymondham College/School types

What’s it like living in Wymondham?

What is the population of Wymondham?


Wymondham Location within Norfolk
Area 44.31 km2 (17.11 sq mi)
Population 14,405 (2011 census)
• Density 325/km2 (840/sq mi)

Is Attleborough a good place to live?

Attleborough is a thriving market town with a strong community spirit and a variety of different social groups, there is an abundance of green space with lots of countryside walks and footpaths taking you out to explore the neighbouring villages and picturesque Norfolk landscape, it is the perfect mix of town and …

What Is Wymondham famous for?

Wymondham Abbey Wymondham is probably best known for its magnificent Abbey towering over the landscape from far away, and much of the history of the town centres around the life of the abbey and the rivalry between the town and the monks. It was founded in 1107 as a community of Benedictine monks.

Is Attleborough rough?

Crime figures collected between February 2016 and 2019 reveal the most common recorded crime category in Attleborough was violence and sexual offences.