How many albums did 38 Special release?

How many albums did 38 Special release?

12 studio albums
38 Special discography consists of 12 studio albums, four compilation albums, and four live albums. Additionally, they have released 25 singles.

What was 38 specials first album?

38 Special38 Special / First album

38 Special is the first studio album by the southern rock band, 38 Special, released in 1977 on A&M, their first of many for the label. It was remastered and reissued on the Lemon record label in 2003.

What was 38 Special’s biggest hit?

However, “Second Chance,” became the band’s biggest hit of their career. The song reached all the way to No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 Music charts and No. 1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts.

Is 38 Special still together?

After more than three decades together, 38 Special continues to bring their signature blast of Southern Rock to cities worldwide. Even with members coming and going, their signature sound still remains the important element of the band.

Is 38 Special in the Hall of Fame?

In the semifinal round of voting for this month’s Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame inductee, Heart and 38 Special emerged victorious — but there’s still one more round to get through, and now they’ll have to face each other to determine the winner.

Is 38 Special in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Who wrote most of the songs for 38 Special?

Jim Peterik
Jim Peterik dealt with a lot of resentment from his own band, Survivor, due to him writing most of 38 Special songs. Both bands were competing for a place of the charts.

What songs are 38 Special known for?

38 Special Songs Ranked

  • Stone Cold Believer (Rockin’ into the Night, 1979)
  • Rough Housin’ (Special Forces, 1982)
  • Like No Other Night (Strength in Numbers, 1986)
  • Somebody Like You (Strength in Numbers, 1986)
  • You Keep Runnin’ Away (Special Forces, 1982)
  • Back to Paradise (Flashback: The Best of 38 Special, 1987)

Who is the current lead singer of 38 Special?

Since 2019, the band’s lineup has consisted of Don Barnes, keyboardist/vocalist Bobby Capps, drummer Gary Moffatt, Dunaway, and guitarist Jerry Riggs. This leaves Don Barnes as the only original member, although Barnes was absent from the band from 1987 until 1992.