How many employees does Heartlands Hospital have?

How many employees does Heartlands Hospital have?

20573 staff work at this trust. Some services at this hospital are provided by other trusts. See the full list of departments for more information.

What did Heartlands Hospital used to be called?

East Birmingham Hospital
It was renamed East Birmingham Hospital in 1963 and saw considerable expansion in the 1970s. The world’s last smallpox patient, Janet Parker, was treated at the hospital during the smallpox outbreak in 1978. It became Heartlands Hospital in 1993.

Who is the CEO of Good Hope Hospital?

Dr Rosser is Chief Executive of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (known as UHB), which runs the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham, as well as Solihull Hospital and a number of smaller sites.

What is Good Hope Ward 9?

Ward 9 at Good Hope, part of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, was this year’s recipient of the Jean Robinson Award, which is judged by Jean’s family who have been working with the hospital to improve standards in elderly care since her death in 2009.

How many staff does Queen Elizabeth Hospital have?

Quality of service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital 4494 staff work at this trust.

How many beds does Heartlands hospital Birmingham have?

The trust has 2,366 in-patient beds over 105 wards in addition to 115 children’s beds and 145 day-case beds. The trust operates 7,127 outpatients’ and 304 community clinics per week. The trust has over 20,000 members of staff.

When was Heartland hospital built?

Heartlands Hospital, built in 1895, is marking its milestone anniversary with photos from across the decades. Over the years the Birmingham hospital has treated patients with typhoid and scarlet fever in Victorian England to Covid-19 in the 21st Century.

Who was Richard salt?

Chief Economist and Director, Economics.

Why is Good Hope Hospital called Good Hope?

History. The hospital has its origins in a Victorian house built for the Rev. Riland Bedford, the local rector, in 1882. Originally known as Broomieclose, it became known as Good Hope House after a change of ownership in 1912.

What is Ward 20A at Solihull Hospital?

We visited ward 20A, an acute elderly medical unit and ward 12, an orthopaedic rehabilitation unit. We spent time talking with people and observing their experience of being in Solihull Hospital.

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