How many episodes are there of flash?

How many episodes are there of flash?

138The Flash / Number of episodes

Is Flash Season 7 completed?

This is the last season to feature Valdes and Cavanagh as series regulars. The series was renewed for an eighth season on February 3, 2021, which premiered on November 16, 2021….The Flash (season 7)

The Flash
No. of episodes 18
Original network The CW
Original release March 2 – July 20, 2021

How many Flash series are there?

8The Flash / Number of seasons

Is Flash season 8 only 5 episodes?

The Flash season 8 consists of 18 episodes. That is the same amount of episodes that its seventh season featured and it seems to be the maximum norm for network TV shows being produced in the pandemic (with the norm originally being somewhere between 20 and 23 episodes).

Is Flash season 8 the final season?

The series was renewed for a ninth season on March 22, 2022, and is expected to air in early 2023.

Is there a flash season 9?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Flash may come to an end after a truncated ninth season on The CW. Nothing is officially confirmed, beyond the fact that the network renewed the comic book-inspired show for Season 9 last month (effectively making it the longest-running Arrowverse project to date).

Will iris be in season 8 of The Flash?

As The Flash season 8 has only a handful of episodes remaining, one of the big unfinished storylines is Iris West-Allen’s time-sickness. Currently, Candice Patton’s character has gone missing while Barry Allen and the team try to track her down after she vanished in episode 14, “Funeral for a Friend.”

Will The Flash get a season 9?

It seems like they will be returning to Central City for another crazy season, even though the show’s producers were perfectly prepared to say goodbye after season 8. The CW has renewed The Flash for a ninth season and several other series on the network.