How many goals does Dries Mertens have?

How many goals does Dries Mertens have?

In the Italian Serie A season 2021/22, Dries Mertens has played 14 matches (plus 13 as a sub). They have 18 shots on target from a total of 31 shots and have scored 11 goals (4.67 xG). Dries Mertens averages 17 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 75%, and has 1 assist.

What happened to Dries Mertens?

Toronto FC keeps building their team ahead of the start of the 2022 Major League Soccer season and they want to bring in one more player from Europe’s top leagues. The Canadian-based team is aware that Dries Mertens will become a free agent in June 2022 and the player knows that Napoli will not renew his contract.

How many goals Mertens scored for Belgium?

National team career

# National team
14 103
Belgium U17
16 4

Why is Dries Mertens called Ciro?

It’s a very special name, because for years Dries Mertens has been nicknamed Ciro in Naples. This is the most Neapolitan of names, rarely found outside of the city, and was used to show how perfectly embedded in the lifestyle and culture he had become.

Is Mertens a Moroccan?

Dries Mertens Another player of Moroccan origin, plays for Napoli and is also on the Belgium National team. He plays as a forward.

How tall is Mertens?

5′ 7″Dries Mertens / Height

How much is Mertens in FIFA 21?

Mertens FIFA 21 is 33 years old and has 4* skills and 4* weakfoot, and is Right footed. Mertens’s price on the xbox market is 6,500 coins (8 month ago), playstation is 5,000 coins (8 month ago) and pc is 2,100 coins (8 month ago).

Where is Mertens from?

Leuven, BelgiumElise Mertens / Place of birth

How old is Dries Mertens?

35 years (May 6, 1987)Dries Mertens / Age

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