How many local governments are in NZ?

How many local governments are in NZ?

78 local
Local government in New Zealand consists of 78 local, regional and unitary councils. The elected members of these councils are chosen every three years by voters in their communities to represent them.

Which is the largest regional council in NZ?

Environment Canterbury
Local authorities vary considerably in size. At the previous Census of Population and Dwellings (March 2013) the largest regional council was Environment Canterbury (population 539,433), the smallest was West Coast Regional (population 32,148).

How many authorities represent all of New Zealand?

78 local authorities
There are 78 local authorities representing all areas of New Zealand.

Who are Stats NZ?

Stats NZ Tatauranga Aotearoa is New Zealand’s official data agency. We collect information from people and organisations through censuses and surveys. We use this information to publish insights and data about New Zealand, and support others to use the data.

How many mayors are there in NZ?

Mayors in New Zealand

Mayoral role Current mayor Population
Auckland Mayor Phil Goff 1,715,600
Thames-Coromandel District Mayor Sandra Goudie 33,000
Hauraki District Mayor Toby Adams 21,800
Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson 85,900

How many districts are there in NZ?

53 districts
There are 53 districts in New Zealand, and they do not include the 12 city councils, the Auckland Council, and the Chatham Islands Council.

What US state is NZ?

New Zealand

New Zealand Aotearoa (Māori)
Location of New Zealand, including outlying islands, its territorial claim in the Antarctic, and Tokelau
Capital Wellington 41°18′S 174°47′E
Largest city Auckland
Official languages English Māori NZ Sign Language

Is Stats NZ reliable?

As New Zealand’s national statistical office, Statistics NZ has a strong reputation as a trusted supplier to the Government of social and economic statistics, with considerable expertise in data collection, management and analysis.

What is the difference between a mayor and a Councillor?

Answer: A Councillor is a member of a local government council while the mayor is the figurehead of the council and is elected by their fellow councillors for a one or two-year term.

What are the 4 states of New Zealand?

List of regions

Name (name in Māori if different) ISO 3166-2 Code
1 Northland Te Tai Tokerau NZ-NTL
2 Auckland Tāmaki-makau-rau NZ-AUK
3 Waikato NZ-WKO
4 Bay of Plenty Te Moana-a-Toi NZ-BOP

What was New Zealand originally called?

Aotearoa was used for the name of New Zealand in the 1878 translation of “God Defend New Zealand”, by Judge Thomas Henry Smith of the Native Land Court—this translation is widely used today when the anthem is sung in Māori.

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