How many mobile phones are in Ukraine?

How many mobile phones are in Ukraine?


Rankings Country or regions # of phone numbers
24 Ukraine 57,505,555
25 Argentina 56,725,200
26 Tanzania 56,313,438
27 South Korea 56,004,887

Do people in Ukraine have phones?

While 92 percent of the inhabitants of Ukraine reported owning a mobile phone in 2017, just 41 percent of respondents to the survey conducted by Google and TNS Infratest reported owning a smartphone.

Does Ukraine have 5G?

In May 2019, on the World Radio Day, Ukrainian President signed a decree to roll out 5G network in the country,31 which is a similar government approach to what was done in the past for the launching of 3G and 4G.

Does Ukraine have Internet now?

For one thing, Ukraine boasts an unusually large number of internet-service providers—by one reckoning the country has the world’s fourth-least-concentrated internet market. This means the network has few choke points, so is hard to disable.

Is Kyiv a war zone?

Evacuations from the Ukrainian city of Irpin to the capital have increased as clashes in Kyiv, which was turned into a war zone, somewhat subsided, residents told Anadolu Agency on Thursday.

Are people trapped in Kiev?

Thousands of residents are trapped in the basements of their homes and villas, fearing for their lives. As Ukraine tries to establish localized cease-fires to allow the evacuation of civilians, the people of these once desirable neighborhoods are desperate to get out.

Do Russian soldiers have smart phones?

Russia and Ukraine are both weaponising mobile phones to track troops. Mobile phones have captured much revealing and distressing footage of how the war is unfolding in Ukraine, but the technology is also being utilised by both Russia and Ukraine to eke out a military advantage.

Does Ukraine have 4G?

Ukrainian telecommunications company Kyivstar said that it covered an area with around 1.2 million residents with its LTE network in January-June 2021. The mobile operator announced that its 4G services have become available in 2,634 sites.

How is the Internet in Ukraine?

What is the current status of the Internet in Ukraine? Most of Ukraine is still connected to the Internet, especially in major cities. Outages occur every day, but the overall infrastructure that powers the Internet has proven resilient, with the help of engineers and backup plans.

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