How many people can play specter together?

How many people can play specter together?

In Spectre’s multiplayer mode, up to four players are able to take the roles of Spectres and Seekers.

Can you play Specter with 5 people?

5-player Rules. Playtime: 120 minutes. When playing with 5 players, 1 player will play as the ARK Agent and the other 4 players will play as the Raxxon Hunters. 1 of the hunters will be a traitor and will secretly be on the agent’s side.

How many specters can you deploy?

You can have as many of them in your inventory as you can make/acquire. You can only take 200 of each one of your inventories stack into each mission and you can only have one copy of each type active at a time without abusing exploits (with the c exception of warframe ones where all teirs are locked together).

How many characters are in Specter?

63 playable characters
There are currently over 63 playable characters in the game, though 61 if players count one of the Outfits as a separate character. All descriptions are transcriptions from the game, and any spelling or grammar errors should not be fixed unless it has been changed in-game.

Is Specter a good Roblox game?

Of the millions of games created for the players of Roblox, Specter stands out as one of the best horror titles available. Having made it into our list of the most fun games to play on Roblox, we’ve decided to delve deeper into Specter to show you how to identify ghosts – which is the aim of each round of the game.

What is a hidden movement game?

Nuns on the Run flips the role of the hidden movement game. Usually these games are about one player with secret movement as the others hunt him down. However, this game has the majority of the players taking the hidden movements with one player as the hunter.

How do you beat Specter on Roblox?

Hunt Tips

  1. Try to turn as many corners as possible during a ghost hunt.
  2. Try to get evidence as fast as you can to minimize ghost hunts.
  3. Stay away from the ghost room/area when trying to find fingerprints or ghost events.
  4. Use a crucifix to stop a hunt (mostly useful to stop hunts when trapped or using on Jinns).

Are specters one time use?

The blueprint is a one-time use item and produces 5 clones, and like normal specters deploying one in a mission will use one of them up, regardless of whether it is alive at the end of the mission.

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