How many Super Bowls did Kurt Warner play?

How many Super Bowls did Kurt Warner play?

three times
Warner played in the Super Bowl three times, twice with the St. Louis Rams, including a victory over the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV to cap the 1999 season.

Who did Kurt Warner lose to in the Super Bowl?

the New England Patriots
LOS ANGELES — Kurt Warner had many memorable games during his illustrious 12-year career, including winning two MVP titles and a Super Bowl victory. But if there is one game that still haunts him, the Hall of Fame quarterback says it is the Super Bowl 36 loss to the New England Patriots.

What years did Kurt Warner go to the Super Bowl?

Kurt Warner, in full Kurtis Eugene Warner, (born June 22, 1971, Burlington, Iowa, U.S.), American professional gridiron football quarterback who won two National Football League (NFL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards (1999, 2001) and a Super Bowl title (2000) as a player for the St. Louis Rams.

Who played the Super Bowl in 2009?

Big Ben drives Steelers to Super Bowl XLIII win Capping a remarkable fourth quarter, Santonio Holmes made a brilliant catch for a 6-yard touchdown with 35 seconds remaining to give the Pittsburgh Steelers a record sixth Super Bowl title, 27-23 over the gutty Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night.

Did Kurt Warner win the Super Bowl as a rookie?

Considered the NFL’s greatest undrafted player, Warner is the only undrafted player to be named NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP, as well as the only undrafted quarterback to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory. He is also the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl during his first season as the primary starter.

Did Kurt Warner win the Super Bowl his rookie year?

His performances in his first season as a starting quarterback was enough to not only get the team into the postseason but also to come away with a victory over the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999. Kurt Warner’s statistics over the course of the year were eye-popping.

Did Kurt Warner win the Super Bowl in his rookie year?

Kurt Warner has a fascinating NFL story as he was undrafted after graduating from college in Northern Iowa. He signed for the St. Louis Rams (now known as Los Angeles Rams) in 1994 and won his first and only Super Bowl with them….Kurt Warner Super Bowl Wins.

Full Name Kurtis Eugene Warner
Rings 1

Who played in the 2008 Super Bowl?

… title and a trip to Super Bowl XLII. On February 3, 2008, Manning led the Giants to a 17–14 victory over the previously unbeaten New England Patriots, taking the lead on a touchdown pass with 35 seconds left in the championship game.

Who is the only rookie QB to win a Super Bowl?

Russell Wilson: QB Will Be the First Rookie to Lead His Team to Super Bowl Win | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights.

Did Kurt Warner win two Super Bowls?

Super Bowl XXXIV (2000) was the first Super Bowl win for both Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams. He went on to appear in another Super Bowl with the Rams in 2002 (Super Bowl XXXVI) but lost it. Kurt Warner went on to play for the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals before retiring.

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