How much did GSB buy West Ham for?

How much did GSB buy West Ham for?

David Sullivan and David Gold At the end of May 2010 David Gold and David Sullivan purchased a further 10% stake in the club at a cost of £8million (£4m to CB Holding, £4m towards club debts). Taking their controlling stake to 60%, they announced that in the near future they may open up shares for fans to purchase.

Who owns West Ham United Football Club?

West Ham United F.C.

Full name West Ham United Football Club
Owner(s) David Sullivan (38.8%) Daniel Křetínský (27%) David Gold (25.1%) Albert ‘Tripp’ Smith (8%) Other investors (1.1%)
Co-chairmen David Sullivan and David Gold
Manager David Moyes
League Premier League

Who used to own West Ham?

What’s the latest news involving West Ham’s ownership? West Ham have been owned by David Sullivan and David Gold since the duo completed a takeover of their boyhood club in January 2010. Sullivan is the majority shareholder due to owning 51.5 per cent of the Hammers’ assets, while Gold controls 35.1 per cent.

Who is the chairman of West Ham Football Club?

According to The Sunday Times Rich List in 2019, Sullivan is worth £1.2 billion….David Sullivan (businessman)

David Sullivan
Title Joint chairman of West Ham United (2010–present)

Does David Gold own West Ham?

David Sullivan and David Gold completed their takeover of West Ham on this day in 2010. The business partners acquired a 50 per cent stake in the Premier League club, with an option to purchase the remaining 50 per cent, in a deal that valued the Hammers at £105million.

Does Jackie Gold own West Ham?

Jacqueline Gold, daughter of West Ham owner David, has revealed she has a ‘good feeling’ about the Hammers’ Premier League clash with Manchester City – three hours after the game was called off due to extreme weather conditions.

Is West Ham a big club?

“We are West Ham United,” as Sullivan noted. “We’re a big club, one of four big clubs in London.

Is David Gold a billionaire?

According to the Sunday Times Rich List in 2020, Gold and his family are worth £460 million.

Does Jacqueline Gold own West Ham?

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