How much did Washington pay Albert Haynesworth?

How much did Washington pay Albert Haynesworth?

He signed a seven-year deal worth $100 million, with $41 million guaranteed and incentives that could have raised the value to $115 million. Instead, Haynesworth lasted two seasons in Washington before being cut.

What did Albert Haynesworth do?

Albert Haynesworth’s career and reputation Does anyone remember the dominance of Albert Haynesworth and the Titans defense in 2007 and 2008 made the postseason both years won a combined 23 games. Made Pro Bowl both years 91 tackles,37 QB hits,27 tackles for loss,14.5 sacks,3 forced fumbles,2 recoveries.

Who did Albert Haynesworth stomp on?

center Andre Gurode’s
Albert Haynesworth committed one of the ugliest acts in modern NFL history when he stomped on Cowboys center Andre Gurode’s head in 2006. Here’s how the two, against all odds, turned that horrific moment into a lasting friendship.

What teams did Albert Haynesworth play for?

Tennessee Titans (2002–2008)

  • Washington Redskins (2009–2010)
  • New England Patriots (2011)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2011)
  • What happened to Haynesworth?

    Haynesworth received a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty. When he protested and threw his helmet onto the field, another 15-yard penalty was assessed, and he was ejected. Shortly after, Haynesworth was given a five-game suspension, which is still the longest suspension for an on-field incident in modern NFL history.

    What happened to Albert Haynesworth?

    Who is number 92 on the Redskins?

    Redskins by the (Jersey) Numbers: #92 – Chris Baker.

    How tall is Albert Haynesworth?

    6′ 6″Albert Haynesworth / Height

    How old is Albert Haynesworth?

    40 years (June 17, 1981)Albert Haynesworth / Age

    Who is the fastest defensive tackle in the NFL?

    Virginia Tech defensive lineman Amare Barno performed better than expected at the 2022 NFL Combine in Indianapolis on Saturday, especially in the 40-yard dash. Barno ran the 40-yard dash in 4.36 seconds, which is the fastest in combine history for a defensive lineman since 2003.