How much do Buckingham Palace tours cost?

How much do Buckingham Palace tours cost?


The State Rooms, Buckingham Palace Combined with Royal Day Out
Adult £30.00 £55.00
Young Person (18-24) £19.50 £36.00
Child (5-17) / Disabled £16.50 £30.00
Under 5 Free Free

Is a tour of Buckingham Palace worth it?

If you don’t book a tour of Buckingham Palace, it’s still worth a visit. Many visitors are content to admire the palace from the outside but there’s also the Changing of the Guard ceremony. In June and July, this generally takes place every day although it is subject to change.

Can you have a tour around Buckingham Palace?

From July-October each year, visitors can walk through 19 of the magnificent State Rooms and explore the Palace’s Garden. During most of the year Buckingham Palace is the office and London residence of The Queen. But since 1993, during the summer months, the palace is open to the public.

How long does the Buckingham Palace tour take?

between 2 and 2½ hours
There is a lot to see and do at Buckingham Palace, so please allow enough time to make the most of your visit. We suggest between 2 and 2½ hours. You are advised to wear comfortable shoes, as the visitor route in summer includes a half-mile walk through the garden to the exit.

Can you visit Westminster Abbey for free?

Is it free to visit Westminster Abbey? Westminster Abbey is a working church and there is never a charge to enter for worship. The services, including Evensong, which is popular with tourists, are also free to attend.

Can you see Buckingham Palace for free?

Though the Palace is generally not open to the public, during summer you can visit its State Apartments (admission charge) and see the Queen’s large garden and collection of artwork. You can however see the Changing of the Guard for free at 11.30 am every morning during summer and every second morning during winter.

What is the best time of day to visit Buckingham Palace?

It is recommended you arrive before 10:15 a.m. to get a good viewing spot. The Buckingham Palace railings are a good spot with visibility of the entire forecourt ceremony, but you need to arrive very early to situate yourself here.

What should I wear to Buckingham Palace?

If you were invited to Buckingham Palace during the day, you would need to wear something formal, but not as formal as black tie – something similar to what you would wear to a wedding. And of course, at all moments you must dress demurely.

What do you wear to see The Queen?

What should you wear to the meeting? Opt for formal clothing — those with neutral tones and modest designs. This includes a choice of clothes that don’t overshadow The Queen’s outfit. Bright colors, unnecessary skin-showing or anything offbeat should be reserved for other occasions, not this.

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