How much does a basswood Strat weigh?

How much does a basswood Strat weigh?

So there’s quite a bit of variation in weight between electric guitar models. For example, the Gibson Les Paul weighs over 9 pounds (4.5 kg) whilst the Gibson SG weights just 6 pounds (3.6 kg)….Body and Neck Wood.

Guitar Body Wood Average Weight (lbs/ft3)
Basswood 25
Alder 28
Ash (swamp) 30
Mahogany 40

How heavy is a basswood guitar body?

Basswood: 300 – 600 kg/m3. Mahogany: 450-640 kg/m3. Walnut: 650 – 700 kg/m3. Maple: 550-700 kg/m3.

Are basswood guitars heavy?

Basswood is very light weight and produces a fairly even and full to mid-range response throughout the entire band width. Many guitar enthusiasts agree that it’s well matched with humbucking pickups because basswood produces a lot of the same frequencies that pickups easily recreate.

Is basswood heavier than alder?

Basswood is usually lighter than alder. Alder is usually lighter than northern ash, but swamp ash is usually lighter than alder.

How much does a Squire Stratocaster weigh?

Product information

Item Weight 9.9 pounds
Top Material Maple, Rose Wood
Neck Material Type Maple
Number of Strings 6
Guitar Bridge System Tremolo

Is agathis heavy?

Agathis is heavier and alder, and is a harder wood. The average dried weight for agathis is 34 lbs/ft3 (540 kg/m3) whereas for alder it’s 28 lbs/ft3 (450 kg/m3), and agathis has a janka hardness of 730 lbf to alder’s 590 lbf.

Is Basswood similar to ash?

Ash bark is a little lighter in color & kind of looks like it’s been scrubbed. Basswood bark is a little darker in color & has more defined vertical lines with flatter tops on the ridges.

Is basswood good for a guitar body?

Basswood Bodies Basswood’s fat and warm tone makes it a very suitable and popular tonewood for high gain guitars. Basswood’s versatility also means that it’s used to make a wide range of different guitars.

Is basswood better than mahogany?

Thus, you’ll more likely find basswood on cheaper guitars. This is because mahogany is harder, more stable, and more durable. As far as necks go, there is little debate that mahogany is better. Not only does it resonate better, but it is much harder and stable.

Is basswood good for guitar bodies?

Solid basswood bodies have a fat, but well-balanced tonality. There’s a muscular midrange, but also a certain softness and breathiness. On a well-made guitar, basswood can yield good dynamics and definition with enough grind to give the sound some oomph.

Is basswood heavier than mahogany?

Mahogany tends to be a darker and more resonant wood with punchy bass and mids but a bit subtle in the highs Goes great with maple to accentuate highs that the mahogany lacks. Basswood is a light weight wood that is very soft and has quite dominating midrange but not much sustain and small envelope.