How much does a Brazilian Rainbow Boa cost?

How much does a Brazilian Rainbow Boa cost?

$200-$350 USD
How Much Does A Brazilian Rainbow Boa Cost? Typically $200-$350 USD, with females typically on the more expensive side of that range. Albinos and boas with albino genetics will be a more expensive purchase ($1000 USD) and rare stripe boas command a larger premium again.

How big does a Brazilian Rainbow Boa get?

4 to 6 feet
Brazilian rainbow boas are a medium sized, round-bodied terrestrial boa and range from 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 meters) in length. The head is not particularly large, but it is distinctly wider than the neck.

Do Brazilian rainbow boas need a heat lamp?

Brazilian rainbow boas require a warm basking area but a near constant air temperature. The ambient air temperature want to be around 85oF is created by using a ceramic night bulb. These radiate heat but produce no light. This bulb should be protected with a bulb guard and controlled by a good quality thermostat.

Are Brazilian rainbow boas friendly?

-Brazilian Rainbow Boas are one of the most beautiful snakes on the planet. -They are easy to handle and typically have a mellow temperament once they get past the nippy baby phase.

Are rainbow boas aggressive?

Handle Frequently Baby rainbow boas are defensive. This is understandable because anything that might pick them up in the wild is probably going to eat them. They need to be handled regularly to tame them.

How fast do rainbow boas grow?

1 Year. At 1 year of age, most snakes will be between 36 and 40 inches long, basically doubled in length. These snakes will look very slim at this stage, since putting on weight is something snakes do as they reach sexual maturity. A yearling rainbow boa will eat anything it can to fuel its growth.

What size tank do you need for a rainbow boa?

Adult cages are a minimum of 36 inches long by 24 inches wide by 21 inches tall. This size is appropriate for housing one animal or a breeding pair. I also have a few larger enclosures that measure 48 inches long by 24 inches wide by 21 inches tall.

How fast do Brazilian rainbow boas grow?

How often should I handle my Brazilian Rainbow Boa?

Common Pet Snakes And How Often They Can Be Handled

Type of Snake How Often They Can Be Handled
Ringneck Snake 1-3 times per week
Rainbow Boa Every day (except after eating)
Carpet Python Every other or every day
Dekay’s Brown Snake 1-3 times per week

What size tank does a Rainbow Boa need?

Can you house two Brazilian rainbow boas together?

But in reality lots of people do keep them together. As long as you properly quarantine the other one you buy for 3 months or so and are happy both are healthy, and feed them seperately, and have more hides than there is snakes, and more than one hide per temperature region etc, I would say it would be fine.

Do rainbow boas like to swim?

Like all snakes, boas are excellent swimmers, but they usually avoid going into the water as much as possible.

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