How much does a tiffin cost in Mumbai?

How much does a tiffin cost in Mumbai?

Best Tiffin Services in Mumbai

Tiffin Service Price Range (INR) Contact Number
Kitchen on my plate 3,300 per month +91 84520 04123
Magic O Meal 17,500 per month +91 9320022422/33
3sqr meals 1,100 for 15 days +919987536035
FoodDarzee 7,500 per month +91 9590 510 520

What is the cost of Dabbawala in Mumbai?

There are about 5000 dabbawalas in Mumbai delivering 200,000 dabbas a day. Each dabbawala delivers about 35-40 dabbas daily, at the bare bones price of about 800-1000 rupees ($12-15) a month. Late pick-up comes at a premium price of 1500 rupees ($23) a month.

What is the best tiffin?

Top 10 Indian Tiffin Favorites for Your Lunchbox

  1. Rava Idly and Chutney.
  2. Chicken Kolhapuri and Roti.
  3. Vegetable Poha with Chivda.
  4. Spinach/Aalu/Paneer Stuffed Paratha.
  5. Rajma Chawal.
  6. Spinach/Beet Poori and Potato Sabji.
  7. Idly and Vada with Chutney.
  8. Mix Vegetable Upma.

What is tiffin system in Mumbai?

The dabbawalas (also spelled dabbawallas or dabbawallahs, called tiffin wallahs in older sources) constitute a lunchbox delivery and return system that delivers hot lunches from homes and restaurants to people at work in India, especially in Mumbai.

Is Tiffin food good for health?

A healthy veg tiffin contains the enrich food with all kinds of important vitamins. These vitamins are responsible to make your bones and teeth strong. Eating healthy keeps your energy at high. You never feel a lack of energy as the vegetables provided by the veg tiffin service are clean and high in vitamins.

How do I contact Mumbai Dabbawala?

Contact Us

  1. PHONE. +91 9870419916. +91 7021425949.
  2. ADDRESS. 23, Navyog Mension, Sleater Road, Naushir Bharucha Marg, Opposite Krishna Palace Hotel,Grant Road, Mumbai – 400007. Navprabhat Chambers, 3rd Floor,Ranade Road,Opposite Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers, Dadar West, Mumbai – 400028.
  3. EMAIL. [email protected]

Who is the owner of Mumbai Dabbawala?

pawan agrawal – Owner – Mumbai Dabbawala Education Centre | LinkedIn.

Which lunch box is the best in India?

List of Best Lunch Box For Office In India 2022

Name of the product Ratings Price
Cello Max Fresh Click Polypropylene Lunch Box 4.1/5 ₹519.00
Home Puff Collapsible Best Lunch Box In India For Student 4.0/5 ₹1000.00
Milton Executive Best Lunch Box In India 4.2/5 ₹284.00
Signoraware Best Lunch Box In India 4.2/5 ₹590.00

Which is the best Tiffin for morning?

Here’s a whole slew of 7 scrumptious recipes that make meal-planning easy for the week.

  1. Oats Idli.
  2. Panini with Leftover Chicken.
  3. Banana Walnut Muffins.
  4. Stuffed Paratha.
  5. French Toast with Musk Melon Salad.
  6. Besan Ka Cheela.
  7. Roti Tacos.

Is tiffin service good for health?

Having healthy veg tiffin service is the ultimate way to keep your body healthy and fit. A good metabolism strengthens your blood cells which fight with the disease bacteria, keeping all the bad and toxic things away from your body. This also keeps away the long-term illness.

How much does a dabbawala earn?

Once feeding lakhs, dabbawalas are staring at starvation Currently, around 5,000-odd dabbawalas ferry over 200,000 dabbas daily. They earn quite a meagre salary of Rs. 8,000 per month.

Do tiffins keep food hot?

How long do tiffins keep my food cold or hot? They will keep food hot or cold for around an hour. However, for cold food items, you can put an ice pack in the middle tier to keep them cool.

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