How much does it cost to build a fire watch tower?

How much does it cost to build a fire watch tower?

Each tower will cost about $300,000 a pop, but in DCNR Fire Division Chief Mike Kern’s eyes, it’s worth the price. “If you can prevent even one fire from getting large, you pay for the fire towers,” Kern said.

What are fire lookout towers made of?

The typical fire lookout tower consists of a small room, known as a cab located atop a large steel, or wooden tower. Historically, the tops of tall trees have also been used to mount permanent platforms. Sometimes natural rock may be used to create a lower platform.

What is the average height of a fire tower?

While, generally, Lookout Towers from 60 to 120 feet in height are required for efficient fire detection, there are many locations where the site is such that relatively low structures are entirely adequate.

Are Firewatch towers still in use?

“But I’m preserving history for future generations. I’m preserving not only the lookout, but the forest and the animals.” At their peak, 625 fire lookout towers stood watch in California. Today, just 198 remain and only 50 of those are staffed — largely by volunteers — according to the Forest Fire Lookout Association.

Do fire watch towers have bathrooms?

In fact, there’s no bathroom to be found. Historic fire lookouts never had them, and Tompkins and Colley didn’t want to obstruct their 360-degree view of the Umpqua National Forest. Instead, they created a few alternative options and put the shower out on the deck.

Are fire towers safe?

Fire lookouts are generally safe, but they still involve a degree of risk. Before your trip, there are some factors to consider. Due to their nature, fire towers are often the tallest structure on the mountain making them prone to lightning strikes.

Can you climb a fire tower?

The actual lookout is no longer accessible to the public and climbing the tower is prohibited. But the cabin, perched at 5,600 feet, still offers excellent views of the rugged Blue Mountain wilderness.