How much does Loreto Kirribilli cost?

How much does Loreto Kirribilli cost?

Annual Tuition Fees for 2022 are:

Year Group 2022 Fee per Student
Kindergarten – Year 2 $18,975
Year 3 – Year 6 $21,480
Year 7 – Year 9 $25,080
Year 10 – Year 12 $27,660

Is Loreto College fee paying?

Our fees are very much at the lower end of the fee paying schools and both the Board of Management and the Loreto Trustees are keen that this should continue to be the case. Fees have remained unchanged for the past two years….Fee Information.

Tuition fee 4,575
School journal 20
Annual retreat 20

Is Loreto Kirribilli a good school?

The Loreto Kirribilli is rated 3.8 out of 5 based on 13 reviews on, largest school reviews and rating platform.

How much is Pittwater House a year?

We offer families the flexibility to pick a payment schedule that suits them as well as family discounts for families with more than one child….2022 School Fees (for Australian citizens or Residents)

Year Group Annual Incidental Fee Annual Tuition Fee
Year 8 $ 1,560 $ 23,760
Year 9 $ 1,776 $ 24,600

What are the fees for Loreto Dalkey?

What is the fee structure? Fees are €4,200 per annum. A full fee is not expected in September but can be settled using direct debit/standing order options over a 9 month period.

What are the fees for Belvedere College?


School 2013/14 2014/15
Alexandra College, Dublin 6 443 6785
Bandon Grammar School, Co Cork 615 3080
Belvedere College, Dublin 1 1005 5250
Blackrock College, Co Dublin 999 6500

How much is Caulfield Grammar?

Primary school fees at Caulfield Grammar School – Caulfield and Malvern Campuses

Grade/Year Fee
Prep $20,346
Grade 1 $24,894
Grade 2 $24,894
Grade 3 $25,908