How much does roof cost in Philippines?

How much does roof cost in Philippines?

“For the cheapest roofing, it will cost around P1, 000 per square meter and it includes labor and materials. The price of G.I. sheets are higher depending on the gauge and if it’s pre-painted. For small homes that measure around 30sqm, it will cost around P40, 000 to P50, 000 including the truss.

What kind of roof is best in Philippines?

In terms of longevity and energy savings, PVC Roofing is ultimately the best choice between metal and wood. The Philippines is a tropical archipelago which means that you will receive plenty of sunlight. You’d want a roof material that disperses, reflects or is resistant to the heat.

How much is Yero per piece in the Philippines?

How Much Does Yero Cost? For rib type designs, the price of yero is ₱120 for 0.4 millimeters, ₱150 for 0.5 millimeters and ₱180 for 0.6 millimeters. The millimeters corresponds to the thickness while the price is measured per foot.

How much is the long span roof in the Philippines?


WIDTH 4 feet
Standard Local LENGTH PER FOOT 97
Standard Imported 123

How much is roofing per square meter in the Philippines?

Typical Cost of Roofing in Residential Type Structures

Square Meters Material Cost Installation Cost
50 -75 (Dos Aguas) ₱44,000 – ₱53,000 ₱13,000 – ₱15,000
76-150 (Quatro Aguas) ₱54,000 – ₱97,000 ₱16,000 – ₱26,000
150-200 (Quatro Aguas) ₱98,000 – ₱119,000 ₱27,000 – ₱44,000

How much is the roof steel in Philippines prices?

While prices vary, for residential metal roofing, you can expect to pay anywhere from PHP 400 to PHP 600 per square meter. As for linear meter, rates are usually at PHP 200 to PHP 400. You can also get roof ventilators as a set for as low as PHP 1,500.

What is the best metal roofing in the Philippines?

He explains that in the Philippines, prepainted long-span metal roofing made of GI sheets are the most preferred. Other metals such as aluminum, tin, and copper can also be used to produce prepainted long-span roofing sheets, albeit more expensively.

How do you calculate roofing sheets?

Divide the length of your roof area by 0.760 to determine the number of sheets you need. For example, a structure that’s 6.0m long is 6000 / 760 = 7.89 sheets. The next step is to round up to the nearest whole number for this example would be 8.

How much is the roof?

Roofing Costs by Type

Roofing Material Price (assumes a 2200-square-foot home)
Asphalt shingles $2,500
Galvanized steel $3,000
Stainless steel $14,000
Stone/slate $20,000

What kind of roof lasts the longest?

Roofing material that lasts the longest are concrete, clay or slate tiles. These materials significantly outperform other natural products like wood shakes or any manufactured roofing materials including asphalt shingles and metal roofing. Although these materials have a good lifespan, they are not as durable.

How much is galvanized roof in the Philippines?

The cost of our corrugated roofs are as follows: 0.4 mm (Gauge 27) is ₱120 per foot, 0.5 mm(Gauge 25) is ₱150 per foot and 0.6 mm(Gauge 24) is ₱180 (Gauge 24)….Prices of Corrugated Roofs in the Philippines.

Thickness Corrugated Price
0.6mm ₱180