How much is a Benelli M4 H2O?

How much is a Benelli M4 H2O?


Item Number Stock Finish MSRP
11794 Black Synthetic $2,269
11795 Black Synthetic $2,269
11703 Black Synthetic $2,099
11707 Black Synthetic $2,099

Can a civilian own a Benelli M1014?

The reason Benelli stopped selling the M1014 stock to civilians is because it has both the pistol grip AND the collapsible stock which is in violation of federal firearms law.

What is the h20 on Benelli M4?

The Benelli M4 H2O semi-auto shotgun is the same M4 Tactical, enhanced with a Titanium Cerakote® finish for increased corrosion resistance and durability. The barrel, receiver, magazine tube, bolt and many internal parts are coated with either titanium or black Cerakote.

Can a civilian own a Benelli M4?

The M4 is no longer sold today with the skeleton buttstock (model M11707) to civilians. Benelli only sells the M4 with a fixed pistol grip-style tactical stock in the United States, in Europe, it is possible to buy the collapsible stock version from factory. However, the collapsible buttstock can be purchased.

How much should I pay for a Benelli M4?

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Price $1,899.99
Gauge 12 Gauge
Chamber 3in
Capacity 5+1
Barrel Length 18.5in

How much is a M1014 shotgun?

M1014 Shotguns

Item Number Stock Finish MSRP
11701 Black Synthetic $2,149

What is Benelli h20?

The Benelli M4 H2O is an ideal personal defense shotgun to carry in marine environments, or a rugged, low-maintenance, all-purpose shotgun. Manufacturer model #: 11794. Titanium Cerakote finish. Enhanced corrosion resistance and durability. Operates by unique A.R.G.O. system.

What is the best Benelli?

The M2. This series is likely the most popular of the Benelli series of shotguns. The M2 also comes in the widest variety of configurations. It comes in the tactical model we all know and love, but also comes in a Field model, a Field Rifle Slug gun, a 3-Gun model, a Turkey Performance shop, and a Waterfowl model.

Does the US military use the Benelli M4?

First shotguns were delivered to the US Marine Corps in 1999. L128A1 is a British Armed Forces designation of the Benelli M4 Super 90. British shotguns are often used with holographic sights….

Benelli M4 Super 90
Caliber 12-gauge
Length (with folded stock) 887 mm
Barrel length 469 mm
Muzzle velocity ?