How much is a Fender Mustang bass worth?

How much is a Fender Mustang bass worth?

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This item Fender Mustang Bass – PJ – Pau Ferro Fingerboard – Aged Natural Fender Player Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar – Maple Fingerboard – Tidepool
Customer Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (31) 4.0 out of 5 stars (18)
Price $84999 $849.99$849.99
Sold By
Body Material Alder Alder

How much do used bass guitars cost?

How Much Does an Used Bass Guitar Cost? For between $100 and $200 you can find a decent used bass guitar that should not require much fixing, and for $250 to $500 you could find really great used bass models that would cost you well upwards of $1,000 new.

What is the most used bass guitar?

1. Fender Precision Bass. At the top of the list is the Fender Precision Bass, commonly referred to as the P Bass. P Basses are incredibly popular and are likely the best selling electric bass of all time, although that fact is very difficult to prove.

What pickups do Mustang Bass have?

Fender Mustang Bass

Mustang Bass
Bridge Strings-Thru-Body with 4 Individually Adjustable Saddles
Pickup(s) 1 Special Design Split Single-Coil Mustang Bass Pickup (1966-present) 1 Wide Range Humbucker (2013-2016) One Precision Bass Split Single-Coil and one Jazz Bass Single-Coil (2016-present)
Colors available

Where is the Fender Mustang PJ Bass made?


Manufacturer: Fender Musical Instrument
Made In: Mexico
Warranty: 2-Year Limited
Body: Alder
Neck: Maple

What is the most famous bass?

John Entwistle He played it like a lead instrument, creating a powerful, booming sound that often overshadowed Pete Townshend’s guitar playing. His solo on “My Generation” is probably the most famous bass solo in rock history.

What pickups are in a Fender Mustang?

The Mustang 90 model exchanges the single-coil pickups for two MP-90 pickups and is available in silver, Torino Red and Olympic White. The Mustang Bass PJ features a 30-inch scale length, a C-shaped maple neck with 19 jumbo frets, one P Bass split single-coil middle pickup and one J Bass single-coil bridge pickup.

Is the Mustang Bass a short scale?

The Mustang Bass is considered a “short scale” bass guitar meaning it’s scale length is 30”…. Around 4” shorter than it’s P-Bass and Jazz Bass big brothers.

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