How much is a Honeywell Pentax camera worth?

How much is a Honeywell Pentax camera worth?

Asahi: Honeywell Pentax SP 1000

Average Mint
Body only $10-20 $40-50
With lens $60-70 $160-180
Estimate value accuracy:

What is Honeywell Pentax?

The Honeywell Pentax H1a is an all-metal mechanical manual 35mm SLR. It uses a clip-on coupled CdS meter with two ranges to cover a wide range of light from LV 2 ~ 18.5. This H1a is the basic model. The otherwise identical H3a has a shutter which goes to 1/1,000.

Can I use Pentax Spotmatic without battery?

Yes, the camera is fully mechanical and will operate without batteries.

What kind of film does a Pentax Spotmatic use?

Pentax Spotmatic

Film speed 20 – 1600
Film speed detection No
Focus Manual focus

How do you open a Honeywell Pentax camera?

Press the film release button on the bottom of the K1000 and then unfold the little handle on the film rewind lever. Start rotating the lever in the direction the arrow on the lever is pointing until you no longer feel any resistance. The back of the camera can now be opened by lifting the rewind lever.

When was the Pentax Spotmatic made?

Pentax Spotmatic

Maker Asahi Optical Co
Type SLR
Released 1964

What lenses are compatible with Pentax Spotmatic?

These are provided for information only and are not indication of suitability of your lenses on your camera.

  • Vivitar 28mm f/2.5, ser#22440767.
  • Vivitar 135mm f/2.8, ser#2813776.
  • Vivitar 200mm f/3.5, ser#28401094.
  • MMZ Helios 44-3 58mm f/2.0 (pre-set)
  • Tamron Adaptall-2 M42 adapter (labeled “for Pentax”)