How much is a metro card in Moscow?

How much is a metro card in Moscow?

Fares: Moscow Metro fares start at 55 rubles for a one-way ticket, which is good for five days after purchase. You’ll pay more if your journey takes you outside of the central Moscow zones of A and B, though this is not the case for most tourists.

How much does a Troika card cost?

It is a card that costs 50 rubles and you have to top it up with money before using it. You can recover the 50 rubles if you return the card.

Where can I buy Troika card in Moscow?

Where can I buy a card? You can buy a Troika card at cash desks of the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Central Circle, at suburban train stations, and at the Mosgortans ticket machines.

What is the best way to get around Moscow?

The best way to get around Moscow is the metro. Faster and more efficient than the trolley buses and trams, this extensive system has stations that contain beautiful ornamentation, sculptures and mosaics. You could rent a car, but it’s best to use public transportation to avoid the city’s perpetually congested roads.

Can Troika card be used in St Petersburg?

For those who travel to Moscow often there is a special type of “podorozhnik” that is called “troika”. This card can be used in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

What was the Moscow card?

The Moscow CityPass is a tourist card that gives you free entry to more than 40 top attractions in the Russian capital, including the Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

How do you pay for buses in Moscow?

The most common way to pay is the Troika card. The card costs 50 rubs. You can get it at the Moscow metro ticket offices. You may use this card to pay for the metro and all public transport types in the city.

Is it easy to travel around Moscow?

Forget travelling by car or taxi, Moscow’s incredibly extensive underground metro system is by far the easiest, quickest and most efficient way to travel around the Russian capital. Moscow’s system of buses, trams and trolleybuses, as well as its world-famous metro, are now all accessible with a single ‘Troika’ card.

How do most people get around in Russia?

Thankfully, public transportation in Russia is widely available, punctual, and user-friendly. Big cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg are home to scores of widely-used bus routes, metro lines, and tramways; in fact, Moscow alone sees 19 million trips on public transportation on an average weekday.

Is Moscow City Pass worth it?

With this pass I had access to so many of the nicest places in Moscow, the use of the city tour bus , moscow river boat cruise and other perks. You get to see all the must-sees in Moscow.

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