How much is a Series EE bond worth from 1986?

How much is a Series EE bond worth from 1986?

After 30 years, these bonds stop earning more interest. A $50 Series EE savings bond with a picture of President George Washington that was issued in January 1986 was worth $113.06 as of December. The bond will earn a few more dollars in interest at the next payment in January 2016.

Can you still cash in Series EE savings bonds?

When can I cash my EE and E bonds? After they are 12 months old. If you cash an EE bond before it is five years old, you will lose the last three months of interest.

Do EE bonds expire?

How long must I keep an EE Bond? EE bonds earn interest until they reach 30 years or until you cash them, whichever comes first. You can cash them after 1 year. But if you cash them before 5 years, you lose the last 3 months’ interest.

How do I know if my series EE bond is mature?

The easiest way to determine the bond maturity period is to add 30 years to the issuing date for both paper and electronic bonds. The date is printed below the series designation on paper bonds. But for the electronic versions, you can log in to your TreasuryDirect.Gov account and find out the issuing date.

What happened to Series EE Savings Bonds from 1986?

Story Highlights. Series EE savings bonds issued in 1986 will pay 4% until they hit final maturity during various months in 2016. Look at the top right corner of the savings bond to find the issue date. More than 12.5 million Series EE savings bonds issued in 1986 remained outstanding as of October 2015.

Why was buying savings bonds so popular in 1986?

Buying savings bonds was trendy in 1986 because bonds bought from January through October 1986 had an initial rate of 7.5% for the first 10 years. But the rate was set to fall to 6% on newly purchased savings bonds beginning in November 1986.

Do Series EE Savings bonds pay interest?

Series EE Savings Bonds. Yes. EE bonds bought from May 1997 through April 2005 earn a rate of interest that changes every six months (a variable rate). EE bonds bought before May 1997 earn interest at different rates depending on when they were bought. Learn more on Interest Rates – Current and Past.

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