How much is the train from Seoul to Daegu?

How much is the train from Seoul to Daegu?

Seoul to Daegu Train Journey Information

Train fares from US$17.16
Shortest duration 3h 17m
Direct Direct
Trains per day Approx. 54
Train companies Korail

How long does it take to go from Seoul to Daegu?

Direct routes for travel from Seoul to Daegu The journey takes around 4 hours and ticket price starts at 17 USD. There are 14 direct trains from Seoul to Daegu per day and 102 trains per week. The journey takes approximately 4 hours and costs from 14 USD.

How far is it from Seoul to Daegu?

Daegu is one of the largest cities in Korea, and the distance to Seoul is around 300 kilometers.

How do you get around Daegu?

Getting Around Daegu has a small subway system ( with two lines that intersect each other at Banwoldang Station. The regular fare is W1,100. The subway doesn’t go everywhere, but the stations are announced and clearly marked in English.

How do I get from Incheon to Daegu?

The best way to get from Incheon to Daegu Station is to bus which takes 3h 52m and costs ₩20,000 – ₩31,000. Alternatively, you can train, which costs ₩17,000 – ₩47,000 and takes 4h 26m.

How do I get from Busan to Daegu?

The best way to get from Daegu to Busan is to train via Dongdaegu Station which takes 59 min and costs ₩8,000 – ₩23,000. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ₩7,000 – ₩11,000 and takes 1h 10m.

Is Daegu worth visiting?

If you’re asking is Daegu worth visiting the answer is definitely yes. Located in the North Gyeongsang Province, Daegu South Korea is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and beautiful temples. This is a bustling city with a rich history and there are many attractions in Daegu.

What is Daegu known for?

Daegu was an economic motor of Korea during the 1960s–1980s period and was especially known for its electronics industry. The humid subtropical climate of Daegu is ideal for producing high-quality apples, thus the nickname, “Apple City”. Daegu is also known as “Textile City”.

Is Daegu safe?

Like the rest of Korea, Daegu is safe at any time of the day. Westerners, especially minorities or men with Korean women, may encounter hostility from drunken men, but this is increasingly rare. The tap water is safe, but newcomers with sensitive stomachs should be prudent with street food or with the spice levels.

What does Daegu mean in Korean?

large hill
Daegu (Korean: [tɛ̝. ɡu], 대구, 大邱, literally ‘large hill’, 대구광역시), formerly spelled Taegu and officially known as the Daegu Metropolitan City, is a city in South Korea.

How far is Incheon to Daegu?

The distance between Incheon and Daegu is 244 km. The road distance is 296.9 km.

How much is KTX from Daegu to Busan?

Trains from Daegu to Busan from US$6.33, 1h 12m | KTX Train Schedules & Fares |