How to configure Pidgin for Office Communicator?

How to configure Pidgin for Office Communicator?

Configuring Pidgin In the Basic tab (shown in the screenshot below), select Office Communicator in the Protocol drop-down, then type your business email address in the Username field. Next, click on the Advanced tab. In the Server[:Port] field enter and in User Agent enter UCCAPI/16.0.

Does Pidgin support Skype?

You can now add your Skype account in Pidgin. To do this go to Accounts > Manage Accounts , click Add , enter your Skype username and password and select Skype (HTTP) under Protocol – make sure you select this and not some other protocol name (don’t confuse it with the old Skype Pidgin plugin).

How do you use Pidgin?


  1. First install Pidgin software if you don’t already have it.
  2. Once installed, launch Pidgin by clicking the Start menu > All Programs > Pidgin.
  3. Click Accounts > Add/Edit.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. Select XMPP as the protocol.
  6. The screen name and password are your Amherst user name & password.

How do I connect Skype to Pidgin?

Click the status drop-down box on the bottom of the Pidgin window and set it to “Online” to connect to your Skype account. Wait for the Skype icon to appear on your Windows taskbar and click it when it appears.

How do I install Pidgin?

Pidgin setup guide

  1. Download Pidgin for free and install.
  2. Launch Pidgin.
  3. Click ‘Accounts’ > ‘Manage Accounts’
  4. Click ‘add’
  5. Choose the ‘XMPP’ (Jabber) protocol.
  6. Enter your Olark credentials.
  7. Enable Olark by clicking ‘Accounts’ > ‘Enable Account’ > select your Olark account.

Is pidgin still used?

The number of Pidgin users was estimated to be over three million in 2007. Pidgin is widely used for its Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR) plugin, which offers end-to-end encryption….Pidgin (software)

Screenshot Pidgin’s buddy list window in Trisquel
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How do I install pidgin?

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