How was hot for teacher recorded?

How was hot for teacher recorded?

Eddie used a Gibson flying V to record this, which allowed him to switch between pickups for the quiet and loud sections. >> There is also a song called “Hot For Teacher” by a group called Thundertrain.

Who played the teacher in the Van Halen video Hot for Teacher?

The gang over at Yahoo! have tracked down Lillian Muller, the actress who played the hot teacher in Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” music video from 1984. Happily, Muller, now 60, is still pretty hot.

What year did Van Halen Hot for Teacher come out?

1984Hot for Teacher / Released

What Van Halen song starts with drum solo?

Rhythm say of Alex Van Halen’s start to 1983 track Hot For Teacher: “It’s arguably one of the most iconic intros in rock, and playing it is a holy grail for a lot of drummers.

Where was Van Halen Hot For Teacher filmed?

John Marshall High School
5) More than 80 people were selected for the various roles in this video (taken from a tryout of several hundred hopefuls), which was filmed over a four-day period at John Marshall High School in Los Angeles, CA. Interestingly, the school had been closed prior to Van Halen’s filming the video.

What engine is Hot For Teacher?

The clip for Hot for Teacher features frontman David Lee Roth ripping a skid in a blown ’32 Ford tub, while the Panama video features EVH’s 1972 Lamborghini Miura (and the sound of its revving V12 is featured in the song itself).

When did Sammy Hagar join Van Halen?

After a string of eight solo albums, culminating with the million-sellers “Standing Hampton,” “Three Lock Box” and “V.O.A.,” and hundreds of sold out concert appearances across the country, Hagar joined Van Halen in 1985 and took the band to unprecedented heights, including four consecutive No.

Who wrote the song Hot for Teacher?

David Lee Roth
Eddie Van HalenAlex Van HalenMichael Anthony
Hot for Teacher/Composers

Did Eddie Van Halen play bass on hot for teacher?

3) Eddie used a 1958 Gibson “Flying V” guitar to record this track, from the 1984 album. 4) For the layered effect at the beginning, Alex Van Halen strung together four bass drums. The rest of it he played using two. It is a great example of double bass drumming.

What Van Halen song has the best drums?

Hot For Teacher
The drum intro to Van Halen classic “Hot For Teacher” has been voted the best of all time – ahead of work by Led Zeppelin, Rush, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Where was Van Halen Hot for Teacher filmed?

Who plays Waldo Hot for Teacher video?

In it the comment stated that “Keith Kessinger physically played Waldo”.

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