How would you describe Foliose lichen?

How would you describe Foliose lichen?

Foliose lichens are large and leafy, reaching diameters of several feet in some species, and are usually attached to the substrate by their large platelike thalli at the centre. These lichens have a distinct top and bottom side and can be leafy, flat, or bumpy…

How would you describe lichen?

A lichen is a composite organism that emerges from algae or cyanobacteria living among the filaments (hyphae) of the fungi in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. The fungi benefit from the carbohydrates produced by the algae or cyanobacteria via photosynthesis.

What does Crustose lichen look like?

Crustose lichens are just that, crusts. They form a crust over a surface, like a boulder, the soil, a car, or your roof shingles. They can come in many bright, vibrant colors like sunny yellow, orange, and red, as well as grays and greens. Crustose lichens are pressed against their substrate.

Is the fruticose type of the lichen?

A fruticose lichen is a form of lichen fungi that is characterized by a coral-like shrubby or bushy growth structure. It is composed of a thallus and a holdfast. It is formed from a symbiotic relationship of a photobiont such as green algae or less commonly cyanobacteria and one, two or more mycobionts.

What are lichens describe their types and structure?

There are a few lichens with filamentous structure among the photobionts while others consist of chains of more or fewer cells. The species of Ascomycetes or Basidiomycetes are the most common fungi in lichens. The common algal partners are either green algae Chlorophyta or Cyanophyceae family of blue-green bacteria.

What do lichens look like?

Appearance. When dry, lichens simply take on the color of the mycobiont (the fungus) itself or can be drab and gray. But when wet, they are completely transformed. This is because the fungal cells in the upper cortex become transparent and the colors of the algal or cyanobacterial layers can shine through.

What does a lichen look like?

What are the characteristics of crustose?

Characteristics. Crustose can come in a variety of colors such as yellow, orange, red, gray and green. These colors tend to be bright and vibrant. Crustose is similar to other lichens because they share a similar internal morphology.

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