Is a strut tower brace worth it?

Is a strut tower brace worth it?

In short, it depends. Older and classic cars, such as muscle cars, often benefit from strut-tower braces, especially in conjunction with other suspension upgrades, Drifted notes. That’s not to say a modern car, such as a hot hatch, won’t also see improvements from an aftermarket strut bar.

Do strut braces do anything?

Strut tower bars actually lower the lateral Gs a car can achieve. However they do improve handling by reducing body roll. This makes the car more stable, and predictable. As mentioned earlier you may also notice the car is more responsive to steering input do to quicker “turn in”.

What does a front strut tower brace do?

Strut bars have a few different names. You may also hear them referred to as strut tower braces or shock tower braces. Essentially, these bars connect the two front strut towers under your hood, creating a point of unification that overcomes the shortcomings of the suspension and reduces chassis flex.

What does a rear strut tower brace do?

A strut bar, strut brace, or strut tower brace (STB) is an automotive suspension accessory on a monocoque or unibody chassis to provide extra stiffness between the strut towers.

What does AK brace do?

> The main role of bracing is to increase rigidity and stability of a vehicle by preventing body roll, therefore improving grip, steering feedback and response. The K-BraceĀ® is an adaption of a strut/tower brace, but provides the same solution with significant enhancements.

Does a front strut brace make a difference?

A strut brace is not going to have as noticeable an effect on the way your car drives as something like a new set of coilovers, and there won’t be much point in adding one to a car whose suspension components are saggy and worn out.

Is a rear strut bar worth it?

Generally, cars that handle well are easier to manage at high speeds. The main purpose of a strut bar is to make your car easier to handle when being driven hard. Strut bars won’t necessarily increase your cornering speed or lap times. Instead, they’ll make your car more playful and predictable when cornering at speed.

Does AK brace make a difference?

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