Is an adjustable comb necessary?

Is an adjustable comb necessary?

An adjustable comb is invaluable when you’re trying to get the gun to fit you. After you’ve got the gun to fit, the comb is a liability that you’ll fiddle with every time you hit a slump and figure you can adjust your way out of it.

What does shimming a shotgun do?

The 98 cents’ worth of plastic shims that came with your new $1,800 semiauto might be the most important part of the whole shotgun. Stock shims let you fine-tune cast and drop to get a perfect fit—and make your new gun almost a part of you.

What is drop at comb?

Drop at Comb: extent of vertical offset between the top of the barrels (rib) and the comb of the butt-stock. Drop at Heel: extent of vertical offset between the top of the barrels (rib) and the heel of the butt-stock.

What is drop and cast adjustment?

Drop is the vertical adjustment made to a shotgun stock. Cast is the horizontal adjustment. Renegauge has interchangeable recoil pads and cheek risers. It also comes with shims that help fine tune the small drop and cast adjustments.

What is cast on a shotgun stock?

Simply put, cast refers to the deviation of the butt away from the center line of the gun. A shotgun with no cast is straight and a line down the rib will continue straight down the center of the butt stock, when viewed from above.

What length of pull do I need?

Measure the space between the recoil pad of your rifle and the crease of your elbow. Leaving approximately a ½-inch gap, the remaining length is what you will need for your proper LOP. For example, Josh is approximately 6 foot 3 inches tall and shoots a 14.25-inch LOP.

What is shotgun cast and drop?

Shotgun Cast Explained Whereas the drop of the gun is responsible for the shot pattern landing higher or lower, the cast takes care of the right or left movement of the pattern. The cast of the stock is simply the measurement between the central line of the gun and the central line of the stock’s butt.

How much can you bend a shotgun stock?

Stock bends can be performed for cast on and off, as well as for adding or reducing drop to your stock. Typically, we can achieve bends up to ⅜”, though every stock is different.

What is lop on a shotgun?

A: Length of Pull (LOP) on the shotgun or rifle is the distance from the trigger to the back center of the butt plate or recoil pad. LOP is one of the primary measurements in determining if the gun “fits” the shooter.

How is length of pull measured on a shotgun?

What is average length of pull?

approximately 13.5 in
Many rifles and shotguns are manufactured with a standard length of pull assumed to fit most shooters. This is often approximately 13.5 in (34 cm) for rifles and about 2 cm (0.8 in) longer for shotguns.