Is Barbie and Bratz the same?

Is Barbie and Bratz the same?

Bratz dolls have created controversy by appearing more sexualised and adult than the traditional Barbie while being marketed to the same audience of young girls. And Bratz have been a global smash hit.

Is Barbie more popular than Bratz?

Israelian researchers were curious to find out which doll girls like best, and what causes this preference. In an article in Psychology & Marketing they report that, although most girls own more Barbie than Bratz dolls, most prefer playing with Bratz.

Does Barbie own Bratz?

Mattel Says It Really Owns the Bratz That’ve Given Barbie Such a Bad Time. Barbie has a new tactic in her battle against the rival Bratz doll clan: If you can’t beat ’em, own ’em. Mattel Inc., maker of Barbie, is attempting to lay legal claim to the Bratz fashion-doll empire created by its rival MGA Entertainment Inc.

Are Bratz owned by Mattel?

The Court Of Appeals rejected the District Court’s original ruling for Mattel, where MGA Entertainment was ordered to forfeit the entire Bratz brand—including all registered copyrights and trademarks of the Bratz name—to Mattel.

Who won Barbie vs Bratz?

The Bratz dolls were hugely successful beginning in 2001 and were a top seller. Mattel won the first trial in 2008 claiming the employee misappropriated the trade secrets from Mattel after leaving and joining MGA, where the Bratz dolls were commercialized. The jury sided with Mattel and awarded $100 million dollars.

Why Bratz are better than Barbie?

They never tried to push the idea that one Bratz doll was the smartest and prettiest (unlike Barbie who always had to be at the top of the social food chain). Bratz dolls were marketed as girls who appreciated their friends and portrayed the ideal dynamics of a group of young women.

Why is Bratz so popular?

But Bratz racial diversity is one of the reasons they are still so iconic today and why so many people can relate to them. “They’re extremely diverse yet ambiguous,” Cantos says. “Everyone can live their own fantasy and realise their own power through them.

When did Barbie Sue Bratz?

Mattel initially sued MGA in 2008, accusing the creator of Bratz, a former Mattel employee, of stealing trade secrets.

Who won the Bratz vs Barbie lawsuit?

Bratz. A recent lawsuit involving copyrights and intellectual property pitted one infamous toy maker against another.

What age are Bratz dolls for?

Bratz 20 Yearz Special Edition Original Fashion Doll Sasha, Great Gift for Children Ages 6, 7, 8+ –