Is Cathedral Cove walk Hard?

Is Cathedral Cove walk Hard?

Is the Cathedral Cove walk hard? The trail is 3.2 km or 2 miles long (one way). However, from the parking lot to the actual trailhead is an additional one-mile hike (if you don’t get the shuttle). It’s a steep walk but it is rated as easy.

Can you go to Cathedral Cove at high tide?

Cathedral Cove Beach The impressive Te Hoho Rock visible in the water on the other side of the archway. The archway floods at high tide so make sure to check the tide times and cross back in time. The beaches at Cathedral Cove are simply amazing and the surrounding scenery is stunning.

Why is Cathedral Cove closed?

Due to increased increased traffic in Hahei village over summer, the car park at the start of the track is closed from 1 October to 30 April. Free parking is available at the entrance to the village instead.

How far is the walk down to Cathedral Cove?

The Cathedral Cove Walk from the carpark at the Hahei Village Entry Carpark on the outskirts of Hahei beach is approximately a 1.15 hrs walk. From the top lookout it is a 10 minute walk to Gemstone Bay Snorkel Trail, 20 min to Stingray Bay and approximately 45 mins one way to The Cove.

Why is Cathedral Cove Famous?

Te Hoho Rock is the famous sea stack seen through the Cathedral Archway. Cathedral Cove is one of the most iconic and photographed places in New Zealand.

Why is it called Cathedral Cove?

Because it is quite soft, it soon erodes, forming steep headlands between small sandy beaches. Cathedral Cove is named after the large triangular cave in the centre.

Are there toilets at Cathedral Cove?

The two-toilet block overlooks the popular Whanganui A Hei marine reserve – a key attraction for visitors to Cathedral Cove, an idyllic location visited by more than quarter of a million people every year.

What time is low tide at Cathedral Cove?

Low 8:26pm These tide times are estimates based on the nearest accurate tidal datum (Whitianga [8km]) and may therefore deviate from the actual tide time significantly, depending on distance.

What rock is Cathedral Cove?

White cliffs along the Coromandel coast near Whitianga are made of ignimbrite, a white, massive rock formed from pumice and ash that was erupted about 8 million years ago. Because it is quite soft, it soon erodes, forming steep headlands between small sandy beaches.

Is there shade at Cathedral Cove?

So here’s the deal, EVERYONE wants to visit Cathedral Cove. If you’re heading there on a summer’s Saturday at midday, you’ll be fighting for a spot of shade, competing for photos and watching tour boats come in and out of the cove.

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