Is Chie good Persona 4 Golden?

Is Chie good Persona 4 Golden?

Chie isn’t very good if you want to say attack something that’s resistant to physical attacks since she can’t learn Bufudyne unless you want to waste 5 whole days riding with her. She does make up for that short coming with unique buff at the end of the game, but that takes half of her max possible SP.

Is evade fire good for Chie?

Power Charge is the physical version of Mind Charge. It will double Chie’s physical attack on her next turn. Use this before Agneyastra or God’s Hand to deal massive physical damage. Evade Fire is a Must because of Chie’s Agi Affinity weakness.

Does Chie learn Bufula?

Also you may run into monsters where her ice attacks do more damage than her physical or you can’t risk her getting high-countered. Chie can learn Bufudyne if you go on bicycle dates with her apparently.

What are the best personas in Persona 4 Golden?

Given that, these are the top 10 very best Personas in Persona 4 Golden.

  • Loki – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas.
  • Thor – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas.
  • Surt – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas.
  • Odin – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas.
  • Daisoujou – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas.
  • Alice – Best Persona 4 Golden Personas.

How do you hang out with Chie in Persona 4?

  1. Chie Satonaka is available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. You can’t hang out with her on rainy days.
  2. Find Chie on the School Rooftop on weekdays. On Holidays and Sundays, she’ll be at the south end of the Shopping District.

What does Kamui miracle do?

However, once you receive Kamui-Moshiri, the persona will learn a new ability called “Kamui Miracle” which is one of the most bizarre skills in the game. The description simply states that “Anything could happen…”, but with this skill, anything can happen to you or your opponent.

What is Chie weak to?

Persona 4. Shadow Chie has a weakness to Wind skills that can be easily taken advantage of by using Yosuke’s ability to use Garu. After knocking it down, All-Out Attacks can be used to deal massive damage.

Who is the best party member in Persona 4?

1 Yu Narukami Perhaps it’s a bit obvious, but Yu Narukami is far and away the best party member in the game. He almost has to be considering he’s the only playable character that can never be removed from the party. He serves as the player’s stand-in, actually unnamed in Persona 4 proper.

Can you date Chie?

Chie is one of the romanceable characters in P4G, too – so if you rank your relationship up with her sufficiently, you can pursue a romantic relationship with her as your girlfriend.