Is Cloudinary an API?

Is Cloudinary an API?

Cloudinary provides a secure and comprehensive API for easily uploading media files from server-side code, directly from the browser or from a mobile application.

How do you use Cloudinary in react?

Upload options Upload endpoint:${cloudName}/upload . To use the endpoint in your application, write a function that calls the Cloudinary upload endpoint and pass: an unsigned upload preset with the upload method options you want to apply for all files. the file(s) to upload.

How do I get API base URL in Cloudinary?

You can view your base URLs and some sample URLs in the Account Details section in the Management Console. The base URL will also include your cloud name. For example, if your cloud name is ‘demo’, the base URLs will be: ‘’ – the base URL for accessing Cloudinary’s secure API.

What problem does Cloudinary solve?

Cloudinary offers a conclusive solution to a large number of image- and video-related issues on both desktop and mobile apps, from upload to storage, transformation, optimization, and delivery. You as web developers no longer need to grapple with those challenges.

How do I set up Cloudinary?

Developer get started guide

  1. Create and set up your account. Create and tour your account. Optional.
  2. Configure your SDK. Select the SDK(s) you want to use. Install the SDK and include it in your application code.
  3. Add upload capabilities. Upload preferences.
  4. Transform and deliver assets. Image and video transformations.
  5. Next steps.

How do I upload pictures to Cloudinary?

On the settings page, click on the upload tab, and scroll down to the upload presets section . Click on the bold text that says Enable unsigned uploading, this allows users to upload images and other assets into your Cloudinary account without pre-signing the upload request.

What is cloud name in Cloudinary?

At the bottom of the Account settings, you can see the Cloudinary cloud name that you set (or was automatically assigned) during registration. As long as you have not yet uploaded more than 1000 new assets to your account, you can change your cloud name now.

How many employees does Cloudinary have?

Cloudinary began its journey eight years ago in a small office outside Tel Aviv, now we have over 300 employees across five global offices, serving more than 7,500 customers from all over the world.