Is Disturbia a remake of Rear Window?

Is Disturbia a remake of Rear Window?

It wasn’t exactly news that Disturbia was a popcorn remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window for Generation Xbox. And there were probably very few who thought it improved on the original, which itself was, like most of Hitch’s films, adapted from a book or play.

What is the ending of Disturbia?

Turner appears, slashes Kale in the back and pins him to a wall, but before Turner can kill Kale, Julie stabs him in the leg with a dagger, allowing Kale to grab a pair of gardening shears and impale Turner in the chest with them, finally killing him.

Is Disturbia based on a true story?

The L.A. Times (via the AP) reports that “The copyright infringement lawsuit, filed Monday in Manhattan, says “Disturbia” copied a short story Cornell Woolrich wrote in 1942 and the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie that starred James Stewart and Grace Kelly and was based on the story.”

Is there a Disturbia 2 movie?

DreamWorks is reportedly already planning to make a sequel to Disturbia. The filmmakers behind Disturbia have reportedly already made plans to make a sequel to the film.

What movie is based on rear window?

The teleplay by Larry Gross and Eric Overmyer is an updated adaptation of the classic 1954 film of the same name directed by Alfred Hitchcock which was based on the short story “It Had to Be Murder” by Cornell Woolrich.

What is the tag line for Disturbia?

The quieter the street, the darker the secrets….

How old was Shia LaBeouf in Transformers?

35 years (June 11, 1986)Shia LaBeouf / Age

Why was the movie called Disturbia?

Disturbia, a portmanteau of disturbed and suburbia, may refer to: Disturbia (film), a 2007 film starring Shia LaBeouf and its musical works: Disturbia: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Where does the movie Disturbia take place?

Disturbia was filmed on location in the cities of Whittier, California and Pasadena, California. The homes of Kale and Mr. Turner, which were supposed to be next door to each other, were actually located in two different cities. Filmed in the same house as Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005).

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