Is Estes a good company?

Is Estes a good company?

awesome place to work Estes express lines is a very family oriented company. Everthing is great about Estes they take very good of there employees and they treat you exceptional well.

How does Estes delivery work?

Front Door Delivery Our standard Estes Final Mile service level features delivery from the truck to the driveway, garage, or porch (covered area). The location’s accessibility determines the shipment’s actual placement.

How many drivers does Estes Express Lines have?

8,500 truck drivers
The Richmond-based company now employs about 19,500 people across the country, including about 1,345 in the Richmond region and about 8,500 truck drivers nationwide.

Who owns Estes shipping?

Estes Express Lines is a privately owned American freight transportation provider based in Richmond, Virginia. Founded in 1931 by W.W. Estes, the company is owned and operated by the Estes family. Robey W. Estes, Jr., became the company’s president in 1990, then chairman and CEO in 2001.

How many terminals does Estes Express have?

Estes offers direct service throughout all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico with nearly 250 terminals.

Is Estes Trucking a union company?

No it is not Union and it does not need to be ! This is a family based company and they take very good care of all their employees especially the drivers.

Does Home Depot use Estes for delivery?

During the meeting, The Home Depot also acknowledged Estes for delivering consistent, quality service, even in adverse conditions: “To be recognized by The Home Depot is a tremendous honor and a testament to the employees who work so hard to provide exceptional service every day of the year,” Estes said.

How big is Estes Express Lines?

Today, Estes has more than 22,000 employees, a fleet of more than 8,500 tractors and 34,000 trailers, and a network of 270+ terminals, with coverage in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean.

How many trucks does Estes Express have?

How long has Estes been in business?

After nine decades of service to the trucking industry, Estes has quite a story to tell. From how W.W. Estes got started in 1931 to how the company hauled an elephant to the National Zoo in 1961, these interesting historical accounts will fascinate, amuse, inform and inspire.

What does Estes stand for?

Estes is an English-language surname said to derive from Old English and have the meaning “of the East” (literally, “East’s”).

Does Estes Express pay overtime?

You get overtime after 52 hours. They will allow you to work up until 52 hours and no more. No overtime until you reach 55 hours, and if you do get OT, there’s a chance they will right you up.

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