Is FBI Phase 1 test hard?

Is FBI Phase 1 test hard?

The FBI Phase 1 Test, also named the FBI Test, is a tough exam, and only around 30% of test-takers manage to pass it. It lasts for 3 hours and includes various challenging questions, ranging from logic-based to behavioral questions. It’s estimated that around 70% of the FBI Phase 1 test-takers fail the exam every year.

What is the FBI Phase 1 test like?

The FBI Special Agent Phase 1 Exam is also referred to as the FBI Special Agent Test. It is a computer-based multiple choice test. It must be completed within three hours and the test has five sections: Logical Reasoning, Figural Reasoning, Personality Assessment, Situational Judgement, and Preference and Interests.

What happens if you fail FBI fitness test?

A negative score in any of the four events is considered a failure. Applicants have an unlimited number of attempts to pass the PFT up to one year from successfully passing the Background Investigation. After the one-year period expires, applicants may be disqualified from the Special Agent hiring process.

What happens if you fail FBI polygraph?

Because you failed the polygraph, you are barred from FBI employment for life.

What should I wear to an FBI interview?

Interview Appearance Recommended The FBI, like most federal employers, recommends wearing black or navy blue suits with white or blue shirts. Men should wear solid ties and women should put on minimal makeup and jewelry. Skirted suits also suffice for women.

How long is the FBI hiring process?

The application process is a lengthy one: On average, Phase 1 takes about 23 weeks to complete, and Phase II, including the background check and field training, may take more than a year. Individuals considering an FBI career should be prepared for a moderate amount of disruption during this process.

Can I join FBI if I’ve done drugs?

Candidates cannot have used any illegal drug, other than marijuana, within the ten (10) years preceding the date of the application for employment. Additionally, candidates cannot have sold, distributed, manufactured, or transported any illegal drug or controlled substance without legal authorization.

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