Is Hillsong music Royalty Free?

Is Hillsong music Royalty Free?

The church gives any church or place of worship permission to play or perform Hillsong’s music as an act of worship without paying a performance copyright, which means anywhere around the world, a Hillsong song can be played for free with the lyrics projected on a screen.

Where can I find cc0 music?

8 Creative Commons music resources for your social media video

  • ccMixter.
  • Free Music Archive.
  • Incompetech.
  • Free Sound.
  • Musopen.
  • The YouTube Audio Library.
  • Partners in Rhyme.

What songs can I use without copyright?

Top Six Most Popular Royalty-Free Songs

  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game. Singers Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer recorded the original version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game in 1908.
  • Happy Birthday.
  • House of the Rising Sun.
  • Rockin’ Robin.
  • Everybody Loves My Baby.
  • That’s All Right.

Do churches have to pay to sing songs?

Truth: Churches do not need a performance license to play / perform copyrighted music IN A WORSHIP SERVICE. Note the importance of those last words.

How Do I Get Creative Commons audio?

The 14 Best Sites to Find Free Creative Commons Music

  1. SoundCloud.
  2. Audionautix.
  3. Free Music Archive.
  4. Freesound.
  5. Incompetech.
  6. dig. ccMixter.
  7. Bump Foot.
  8. Musopen.

Can I use Creative Commons music?

Creative Commons is a system that allows you to legally use “some rights reserved” music, movies, images, and other content — all for free. CC offers free copyright licenses that anyone can use to mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry.

How do I know if music is public domain?

If the publication date is before 1927, the song is in the public domain. If you cannot find the song in Wikipedia, you can also try searching the databases at and Finally, Google is also a good resource. As long as you can find solid evidence that the song was published before 1927, you are clear.