Is in Rainbows the Best album ever?

Is in Rainbows the Best album ever?

In Rainbows is ranked 3rd best out of 22 albums by Radiohead on The best album by Radiohead is OK Computer which is ranked number 1 in the list of all-time albums with a total rank score of 92,304.

What was the 2007 album in Rainbows notable For?

“Jigsaw Falling into Place” and “Nude” were released as singles; “Nude” became Radiohead’s first US top-40 song since their debut single “Creep” (1992)….

In Rainbows Disk 2
Released 3 December 2007
Genre Alternative rock experimental rock
Length 26:49
Label Self-released

How many copies of in Rainbows sold?

3 million copies
Radiohead sells 3 million copies of In Rainbows, but how much is that in American? Warner Chappell, Radiohead’s distributor, is announcing that the band “sold” 3 million copies of In Rainbows, the album that they essentially gave away online in a pay-what-you-want scheme.

What genre is Radiohead in Rainbows?

Alternative/IndieIn Rainbows / Genre

What is considered Radiohead’s best album?

Kid A (2000) Not only is this Radiohead’s greatest album but it may well be one of the greatest albums ever made by anyone. On this record, the band changed rock music forever. It’s not only a great album but it has a great artistic integrity behind it too.

Why In Rainbows is the best album?

With “In Rainbows”, Radiohead managed to write a collection of songs which are instantly engrossing and wide reaching in their appeal, but so exquisitely crafted that they reveal new details and emotions with each listen. The consistency of In Rainbows is astonishing.

Did In Rainbows win a Grammy?

They have received the Best Alternative Music Album award three times at the Grammy Awards, for OK Computer in 1998, Kid A in 2001 and In Rainbows in 2009. At the MTV Video Music Awards, the band received the award for Best Art Direction for “There There” in 2003.

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