Is it cheaper to make curtains or buy them?

Is it cheaper to make curtains or buy them?

Apart from saving just small pennies for your curtains, you should also consider if it’s time-wise for you; convenience is a big factor these days. Sewing curtain fabrics might be cheaper, but it sure do cost you a lot of time.

What is the formula for making curtains?

There’s a simple calculation to work out how much curtain fabric you need. First, multiply the track/pole width by your chosen fullness (eg. Pole width 150cm x 2.5 = 375). Next, divide that figure by the fabric width, which is typically 137cm (375 divided by 137 = 2.73).

How hard is making curtains?

Making curtains is easy, but only if you know the basics Curtains are almost all straight sewing, making them an easy project for beginners. That said, there are still some basics to master before embarking on sewing curtains for the first time.

How can I save money on curtains?

7 ways your curtains could save you money

  1. Make your curtains long.
  2. Make your curtains at least twice the width of the window.
  3. Hang so the sides touch the wall.
  4. Interline the curtain, or use a thermal lining.
  5. Keep south-facing windows free from net curtains.
  6. Close curtains before it gets dark.
  7. Close curtains in unused rooms.

How do you calculate curtain repeat patterns?

Repeat pattern fabric Cutting length divided by the PR (pattern repeat) Round this figure up to a whole number if you need to. Multiply this number by the PR = New cutting length including the PR. Multiply this by the number of widths required = This is the amount of fabric required for your curtains.

How much material do you need to make curtains?

How much fabric do I need to make curtains?

  1. First, you will need to multiply the width of your rail by two.
  2. Divide this by the cut width of your fabric i.e 137cm/ 54”.
  3. Round up to the nearest full number, this is the amount of widths you need.

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