Is it normal for stomach to be swollen after hernia repair surgery?

Is it normal for stomach to be swollen after hernia repair surgery?

Why is my stomach bigger after hernia surgery? It is normal to experience swelling, pain and bruising at any surgical site, including areas post-op for hernia repair. Swelling is due to the presence of fluid at the surgical area as the body goes through its healing process.

How can I reduce post operative swelling in my inguinal hernia?

Swelling over the incision is common after hernia surgery. It doesn’t mean that the surgery didn’t work. To reduce swelling and pain, put ice or a cold pack on the area for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Do this every 1 to 2 hours.

What causes fluid buildup after hernia surgery?

The use of hernia mesh to repair a hernia can be an extensive procedure that requires cutting into the bodily tissue, which can lead to fluid build up. The larger the area of repair and the larger the hernia mesh used, the higher the risk for seromas and their associated complications.

How do you reduce swelling from a hernia?

Apply ice or cold compress to the hernia for several minutes to reduce swelling and allow an easier reduction (see the image below).

  1. Ice pack is applied to patient with left inguinal hernia in Trendelenburg position.
  2. Slow constant pressure is applied to patient with left inguinal hernia.

How long does stomach stay swollen after hernia surgery?

Your belly will feel bloated for about one week; you may not be able to close your pants. This will pass as the gas in the abdomen is absorbed.

Why is my stomach bigger after abdominal surgery?

During your recovery, your activity level will be significantly reduced. This decrease in movement can lead to fluid retention, increasing your swelling and bloating symptoms. Without being able to engage in the physical activity you usually would, you may even recognise a small weight gain. This is completely normal!

How long does swelling last from hernia surgery?

Since normal swelling after hernia surgery is part of the healing process, the body can take three to six months to get rid of the swelling. In patients with very large inguinal hernia that extend down to the scrotum, sometimes the swelling may be there for longer than six months.

How long is stomach swollen after hernia surgery?

How long does swelling last after hernia repair?

How long does fluid last after hernia surgery?

This swelling is fluid that is now filling the empty space that your hernia used to take up. It will go away within 2 weeks. Wearing support underwear such as briefs, as opposed to boxers, may help. Bicycle shorts may also be helpful.

Should you ice a hernia?

If you have a hernia in the abdomen or groin, applying an ice pack to the affected area can help reduce pain and inflammation.

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