Is it normal to be attracted to your mentor?

Is it normal to be attracted to your mentor?

She says, “Intellectual stimulation is one of the main reasons why people click. Since the protégé(e) gains a lot of knowledge from the mentor, attraction is quite possible. Couple that with close proximity between the two, and it could become a reason for attraction.” It’s not you — it’s your mentor!

Can a mentor fall in love with mentee?

This may be overlooked as a type of love, but the mentor/mentee relationship actually contains much love. Mentorship is an ancient human practice in which a more experienced person teaches an apprentice, trainee, student or protégé.

What type of relationship is a mentor?

The mentor-mentee relationship is a professional and interpersonal relationship. It exists between a mentor and a protégé or mentee. Mentors are different from coaches and act as guides to their mentees. They do this by offering advice and support, as well as helping them develop new skills.

What should you not do in a mentoring relationship?

What a mentor DOES NOT do. Listen: function as a sounding board for problems.

  • role of problem solver for the mentees.
  • be doing themselves.
  • assistance where needed.
  • the highest values in every area of life.
  • decisions.
  • to shade over into favoritism.
  • honest mistakes are career-altering disasters.
  • How do I date my mentor?

    Put yourself out there with these proven tips on how to “date” your next mentor:

    1. Make the first move.
    2. Choose a comfortable location to meet where you can relax and be yourself.
    3. Be open to learn by asking specific questions.
    4. Follow up and keep the line of communication open.
    5. Pay it forward.

    How do you know if your a mentor?

    Here are 7 signs that can tell you if you’ve found a true mentor:

    • Mentors are problem-solving partners.
    • Mentors give you directions — but it’s up to you to find your own way.
    • Mentors challenge you.
    • Mentors tell you the truth.
    • Mentors give you courage to take action.

    What does a mentor relationship look like?

    It is a structured relationship through which the mentee benefits by receiving advice and instruction from a seasoned professional. As with any other relationship, you may run into obstacles or differing opinions. You and your mentor need to be willing to work through these obstacles to achieve your goals.

    Can your spouse be your mentor?

    Mentor spouses might be called “seasoned,” but their ability to mentor doesn’t rest solely on how long they’ve been married or how often they’ve high-fived deployments, TDYs and PCSs. Mentor spouses help mentees discover the power within themselves to navigate this life on their own.

    Can a mentor also be a friend?

    This is where the concept of a “friendtor” comes in. It’s the idea that one of the best people you can have in your social arsenal is an honest, trustworthy friend who can double as a professional mentor—someone you can turn to not only for fun times and memories, but also for advice and support in your career.

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