Is it safe to sell COC account?

Is it safe to sell COC account?

Selling, buying, sharing, or giving game accounts to other players is against our Terms of Service, and never endorsed by Supercell. The risks surrounding account sales are: The seller may take your money and never give you the account.

Can you buy a COC account?

G2G is the number One marketplace for purchasing COC accounts. COC players can search the huge selection of coc account offers put up by sellers and choose to buy the accounts that are most suitable for them.

Can I have 2 COC accounts?

All you need to do is to get the app and open it. Tap the “+” icon, find COC and add it. Now open Clash of Clans that you just added to Parallel Space, go to game “Settings” and then sign in the second account that you wish to load. You now have 2 COC accounts running simultaneously.

Can I give my COC account to someone else?

Donating your account to someone else is not allowed by the Clash of Clans Terms of Service, which you have aggreed to upon installing the game, registering an account or playing the game or using their services in any other way.

Can COC account be hacked?

no it is not possible ,,because the maker of clash of clan is an hacker already …. and those who show that coc is hacked they show some different game looking same as coc which work on differnt servers….

Is G2G safe?

G2G is a safe and legit marketplace with good user review scores, multi-platform support and a variety of payment options to sell and buy your items.

Is Grindswap real?

The site is legit, the support was very quick to answer after I purchased a CoC account. Got my account 10 minutes later.

How can I open CoC without supercell ID?

Enter settings, tap on the button under the heading “Supercell ID,” and then tap on “Log out” in Supercell ID options. The game will restart, and you now see a menu in the loading screen. Tap “Play without Supercell ID.” The account from your Google or Game Center account will now load.

Can you get banned for buying Clash of Clans accounts?

Your account will be banned, you will no longer have an account to play, and you will lose the amount you paid to your account in the meantime. You can trust GameStores, and they will never let you down when it comes to buying a clash of clans account.

Is account sharing Bannable Clash of Clans?

Any players found to be ‘pushing’ their accounts through account sharing will be banned – often permanently. Any players found ‘pushing’ accounts will also have all of their related accounts banned. This also applies to ‘clean’ accounts.

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