Is it worth gearing up mortar COC?

Is it worth gearing up mortar COC?

Should I gear up my mortar? Is it worth it? If you look at the stats, the gear up mortar does almost identical dps to the regular. However sometimes each shell will push small troops out of the way, causing the other shells to miss, resulting in less damage compared to the normal mortar.

What is the max level mortar for th 10?

Your four mortar will see only one upgrade and reach max level 8. Your four air defenses will also reach level 8 which is their maximum on TH10. The four wizard towers will ask for upgrades twice and reach the max level of 9. Your two air sweepers will max out at level 6.

What is the max mortar level for th12?

The max level of the mortar is 12 while that of the walls is 13. The max level of the Wizard Tower is 11 while that of the Air Defense, and Hidden Tesla is 10. The max level of the Air Sweeper and The Bomb Tower is 7. Inferno Towers and X-bows have a max level of 6.

What is the max level of mortar?

The Master Builder can gear up a Mortar in your Home Village that is level 8 or higher (which requires Town Hall level 10) to make it fire in bursts similar to the Multi Mortar. To do so, the Multi Mortar needs to be level 8 or higher in the Builder Base, which requires Builder Hall 8.

Is multi mortar better than mortar?

Multiple Mortars can sweep away Giants and Wizards. The Mortar’s low Damage per Second is due to its very slow firing speed; multiplying its DPS by 5 (its hit speed) will give you its damage per shot, which is the more important stat for Mortars.

Is multi mortar better?

How big is the grid in COC 2021?

Today, Supercell once again confirmed a bigger village area for the update, previously previewed at ClashCon. As a reminder, with the new update the village size will be bumped up from 40×40 to 44×44, a 21% increase in the square tilage layout.

Should you gear up cannons?

A general recommendation I have for geared up Cannons and Archer Towers is have the ones that are closer to the edge of your base in the geared up mode. Defenses closer to the edge of your base already cover less, so your “defensive range” will be hurt less from it.