Is Just Jeans in Australian company?

Is Just Jeans in Australian company?

We’re the Australian denim destination. Here at Just Jeans, we pride ourselves on the denim expertise we bring to wearing jeans.

What company owns Just Jeans?

Premier Investments Ltd.Just Group / Parent organization

Who owns just group in Australia?

Premier Investments Limited
Solomon Lew – Chairman, Non-Executive Director Solomon Lew became a non-executive director and Chairman of The Just Group on 22 September 2008. Mr Lew is also a non-executive director and Chairman of Premier Investments Limited.

Who is Jay Jays owned by?

the Just Group
Jay Jays is an Australian apparel chain store that was founded in 1993, and is owned and operated by the Just Group….Jay Jays.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Retail
Key people Colette Garnsey (Executive Director – Core Brands, Just Group) Linda Whitehead(General Manager)
Products Clothing, accessories
Parent Just Group

Is The Just Group Australian?

The Just Group is the leading Australasian fashion and apparel retailer. We operate over 1,000 retail outlets across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & the UK and employ more than 6,000 people.

How many Just Group stores are there in Australia?

The Dotti chain was acquired by The Just Group in October 2004. Dotti has a clear market position as a fast fashion brand appealing to fashionistas. The Dotti chain comprised of 10 stores when it was acquired by The Just Group,and has since expanded to more than 100 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Who is the CEO of Just Group?

Richard Murray (Sep 6, 2021–)Just Group / CEO

Is Steven Lew married?

Their three children are active in the Lew’s business empire including Peter, who is the chairman of P Lew Investment Group and the owner of the BrandBank Group of Companies. He is married to Ally Lew and has three children; Steven, who married Sarah Nowoweiski in 2003 and filed for divorce in 2011.

What shops does Solomon Lew own?

Solomon Lew chairs Melbourne-based Premier Investments, an apparel retailer. The company is the largest shareholder in Australian department store Myer and home appliance maker Breville. Premier’s brands also include the Smiggle stationery store franchise, aimed at children and sleepwear label Peter Alexander.

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