Is KTM and Beta the same?

Is KTM and Beta the same?

Beta is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, specialising in off-road motorcycles. Beta are best known for their popular observed trials bikes. In 2005, they launched a range of enduro motorcycles using KTM engines. In 2010 they launched the new RR series, with a new engine made in-house.

Are Beta 300rr any good?

Here is where the Beta 300 RR two-stroke really shines. Not only does it perform well, but it also features stuff like electric starting, a hydraulic clutch and oil injection, all things we love in a dirt bike. Still, both style of bikes are generally easy to manage, perhaps just a little more so on the TPI rides.

Are Beta xtrainer fuel injected?

Smooth and manageable power delivery. Oil injection system eliminates the need for pre-mixing fuel.

Who builds Beta dirtbike?

Beta is a family-owned Italian company now run by Lapo Bianchi, who is the driving force behind Beta’s success in recent years. The brand has been building motorcycles for over 70 years and has a rich background in trials as well as enduro and motocross.

Where do beta motorcycles come from?

An Italian Legend Beta motorcycles have always been connected with the history and evolution of life on two wheels. The company was founded in Florence in 1905 under the name “Società Giuseppe Bianchi”, for building handmade bicycles.

Are Beta 300 RR oil injected?

300cc two-stroke power and counterbalanced. Oil-Injection for the simplicity. Carbureted for the rest of you.

What’s the difference between XC and XCW?

MX bikes are close ratio gearboxes while the XC range is a semi-close ratio and the XC-W is a full ratio gearbox. Both the XC and XC-W offer 6-speed boxes, but in the case of the W, both the first and second gear is lower, making it easier to go slow and get a bit more technical.

How much horsepower does a beta xtrainer have?

How much power does the Beta Xtrainer have? It’s not like other 300cc enduro bikes, since it only has about 40 horsepower at best.

How much does a beta xtrainer weigh?


Max Height 1245 MM
Frame perimetric frame in molybdenum steel with double cradle split above the exhaust port
Ground Clearance 320 MM
Footrest Height 390 MM
Dry Weight 99 kg (front 48,0 kg; rear 51,0 kg)

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