Is learning Chinese good for business?

Is learning Chinese good for business?

Do you learn Chinese for business or not? For businesspeople currently living in China or those planning to spend a considerable amount of time working with the Chinese, it’s definitely worth it. For those planning to do a deal or three over a lifetime, it’s just not feasible.

Is Chinese grammar difficult?

The conventional wisdom is that Mandarin Chinese grammar is easy. After all, the hard parts are Chinese tones, characters, and chengyu, right? If you’re no longer a newbie, you might be cursing that conventional wisdom right now. Because we all know that intermediate or advanced Chinese grammar is actually really hard.

Why Chinese grammar is easy?

Chinese grammar is in many ways similar to English grammar. Chinese gammar is even simpler in some ways. For instance, the Chinese language does not have different forms based on gender, or singular/plural. There are some differences between Chinese and English, but it is not hard to trace the clue and bridge the gap.

How long does it take to learn Mandarin?

It takes a learner with average aptitude only 15 weeks to reach level 2 for Spanish or French, but about 50 weeks to reach a similar level of the Chinese language. If you want to be fully fluent in Mandarin, you’d better plan to spend about 230 weeks, which is about 4 years.

What are the benefits of learning Chinese?

10 Major Benefits of Learning Chinese

  • Communicate with over 1B people instantly.
  • Open up new job opportunities everywhere.
  • Appreciate Chinese food like you’ve never had before.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the business world.
  • Build stronger relationships with your Chinese co-workers and friends.
  • Enjoy Chinese movies, TV shows, and music authentically.

Should I learn Chinese?

Chinese language skills open up just over 1.3 billion people across China! Learning Mandarin gives you access to communicate with many people and connect on a deeper level, not just in Asia but across the world! Studies suggest that learning Chinese uses more parts of the brain than are required for other languages.

Which Chinese is better to learn?

Mandarin is easier to learn As we covered above, Mandarin is easier to learn in regards to both writing and speaking. Cantonese is seen to be more difficult because it has from 6 to 9 tones, each of which signify different things (while Mandarin only has 4 tones).