Is MET-Rx a good brand?

Is MET-Rx a good brand?

4.0 out of 5 stars Cheaper than other brands and doesn’t taste bad. I’ve been drinking these shakes off and on for years. I remember when they used to offer more than just chocolate and vanilla flavors. For the price, these are great.

How do you mix a Met prescription?

That’s why MET-Rx® offers our high protein pancake mix. MET-Rx® pancakes are so sweet, light and fluffy, there’s no need to add butter or syrup. Just add water, stir and pour onto the griddle. With more than twice as much protein compared to traditional pancakes, breakfast has never tasted so good!

What is MET-Rx used for?

MET-Rx is the training fuel that helps you get to the next level. The Ten Most Frequently Asked MET-Rx® Questions. MET-Rx® has dedicated over 30 years of research to developing the best workout fuel. MET-Rx® has always and will always focus on the power of protein and other important nutrients for workout enhancement.

Is MET-Rx shakes healthy?

Top positive review MetRX is the closest to a full nutrition shake that Myoplex was. This ready to drink can is even better. It contains 51grams of protein, so I use it for a post recovery. It has vital nutrients and vitamins, and fiber that is filling for a meal replacement.

What happened to Met-Rx?

MET-Rx is currently owned by NBTY.

Do Met-Rx bars taste good?

Met-Rx is one such rebel. That’s not to say I like every Met-Rx bar I’ve tried, but some are very good, and the “Super Cookie Crunch” flavor is the best I’ve had. It’s not even remotely chewy. How they accomplished this — while cramming 32 grams of protein into the bar — is beyond me, but I’m not complaining.

Is Met-RX still in business?

Met-Rx will retain its name and operate as a subsidiary of Rexall.

Who Makes Met-Rx?

Are Met-Rx bars good for muscle gain?

Many protein bar companies fail in this category, which is why MET-Rx stands out in this aspect. If your goal is to bulk up and add muscle, the high calories and carbs, combined with 30g of protein per serving will certainly make it easier.

Are Rx bars healthy?

Known for only having a few real ingredients, the RxBar carries with it a good amount of sugar within it’s wrapper. At 13 grams of sugar, the bar actually contains more sugar than protein. Just because you can recognize the ingredients, doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

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