Is NIOS and CBSE syllabus same?

Is NIOS and CBSE syllabus same?

National Institute of Open Schooling is a recognized board through which you can complete your 12th standard without any problem. The syllabus followed by NIOS and CBSE are almost same also the books provided by NIOS and CBSE boards possess very similar topics.

Is NIOS easy to pass?

Unlike other board exams, NIOS does not have any such reputation of being difficult to score marks in their exams. The NIOS exam is really easy, but not means that you do not have to study. You can score good marks in NIOS exam if you concentrate on your studies with a little hard work.

Can I do maths from NIOS?

Through NIOS you can get admission in any university further. If you ahve passed your 12th from other University/ Board so, you cannot give the exam of maths directly. You, need to take admission in class 11th first, after that you will be eligible to give exam of maths from NIOS.

Can I do PCM in NIOS?

YES, you Can go for CBSE and Nios simultaneously.

Is NIOS harder than CBSE?

NIOS and CBSE are equal according to the syllabus and eligibility. NIOS and CBSE both have their own advantage and disadvantage. It is one of the three central boards- ICSE, CBSE, NIOS. NIOS is a correspondence course for students who are not able to persue regular classes.

Does NIOS follow NCERT?

The books for NIOS are specially designed by NCERT (National council of Education Research and Training) so as to make the students understand the subject properly and gain maximum knowledge without any assistance.

How can I prepare for NIOS maths exam?

Here are the key tips to make the preparation process for NIOS Class 12 Maths easier. The first step to prepare for board examinations is to understand and strictly follow the syllabus. Go through your syllabus in detail, carefully note, and understand the weightage of each topic and start preparation accordingly.

Are calculators allowed in NIOS?

Do not permit the candidates to bring books, papers or reference material of any kind in connection with the examination into the Examination Hall/Room. iii. Ensure that no candidate brings any electronic equipments like Calculators, Tape Recorders, Cellular Phones, Pager etc. in the examination hall/room.

Is NIOS valid for JEE?

Yes Definately You are Eligible to appear In the IIT JEE Entrance Examinations. So, if you have Completed Your 12th Then You are Eligible to appear In IIT JEE Examinations.

Can I choose only 2 subjects in NIOS?

For obtaining a pass certificate, you are required to pass in a minimum of five subjects including one or maximum of two languages from Group ‘A’ and other three or four subjects from other Group. However, you are free to take upto two additional subjects. Thus, in all you can choose a maximum of seven subjects.

Why NIOS degree value is low?

NIOS has a million students enrolling in their courses. In it,a very minimal amount of students pass through each and every year. Forty percent in general. So when hundred students appear in their exams,sixty of them fail in it.

What is the disadvantage of NIOS?

DISADVANTAGES OF NIOS BOARD: The major disadvantage of this board is that students cannot clear their doubts on the spot. They have to wait surely till their visit to weekly classes or from other sources. It decreases the interaction among teachers and students.